Trump Save America Rally Minden NV 10/08/22 Instant Replay

Trump Save America Rally Minden NV 10/08/22 instant video replay. Our fearless leader took the stage around 7:10 PDT and after greeting the crowd Donald Trump took aim at the Biden-weaponised FBI/DOJ who raided Christian pro-lifer Mark Houck’s home with guns drawn terrorizing his family. He spoke about the current admin targeting political opponents. Trump was in Nevada stumping for gubernatorial candidate Joe Lombardo and U.S. Senate candidate Adam Laxalt, as well as others in the Silver State he has endorsed. The rally was held at the Minden-Tahoe Airport a location of a previous rally!

Donald J. Trump, Potus45 Save America Rally in Minden, NV 10/08/22

Many GOP dignitaries and candidates spoke ahead of Trump’s speech including Adam Laxalt, Joe Lombardo, Mark Amodei, Sigal Chattah, Jim Marchant, Michele Fiore, and others. Trump attacked Nevada’s top Democrats as weak on crime and damaging to the economy. During a nearly 90-minute speech delivered in front of thousands of cheering supporters at the Minden-Tahoe Airport, roughly 12 miles south of the State Capitol, Trump blamed Democrats for high inflation and what he described as an “invasion” at the southern border, while also boosting down-ticket Republicans, including secretary of state candidate Jim Marchant and attorney general candidate Sigal Chattah.

Rally Minden NV
Trump Rally Attendees wait in line. An estimated 10,000 people attended the event. Image credit, GoSkait

“Under Democrat rule, the price of gas in Nevada is up 100 percent,” Trump said. “Two years ago, everything was so good in our country, and now, it’s going to pieces. It’s falling apart. You now have gasoline, $5 today, $5.54 a gallon.” But the majority of his remarks disregarded Nevada entirely. Trump repeatedly attacked Democratic President Joe Biden, lamented the United States as a “failing nation” and denounced investigations into his conduct as political attacks — including the Department of Justice’s investigation into classified documents Trump took after leaving office. “For six straight years, the witch hunts, hoaxes, and abuses have been coming at us fast and furious,” Trump said. “We have a weaponized Department of Justice and FBI on everything. including the courts. I mean think of this, how about, including the break-in of my home, concerning the so-called ‘document hoax’ case.” He also hinted at plans to run for re-election in 2024, saying about his presidential runs, we may have to do it again.

Rally Minden NV
A large crowd attended last night’s highly successful Save America Rally!

The event marked Trump’s second visit this cycle to battleground Nevada, where Republicans are seeking to capitalize on high inflation and dissatisfaction with Democratic President Joe Biden to flip a slew of Democrat-held federal and statewide seats, including a pivotal seat in the U.S. Senate, three House seats and the governor’s office. Let’s ALL Vote RED in 29 Days Full Ballot to Save Our Democracy!

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