Trump Save America Rally Mesa AZ 10/09/22 Instant Replay

Trump Save America Rally Mesa AZ 10/09/22 instant replay. Guest speakers and Trump-endorsed candidates such as Blake Masters, Kari Lake, and Mark Finchem took the stage prior to the former president’s speech. Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem told the crowd, We’re engaged in an epic fight, a fight that was prophesied, we fight the far left radical fringe, we fight against a godless agenda that seeks to destroy our Judeo-Christian ethic favoring the satanic destruction of our families our communities our children our churches and ultimately our united Judeo-Christian culture. Trump finished his speech by saying the country was a “nation in decline” and giving a list of examples, with sorrowful-sounding music playing as he delivered his final words. We can stop the decline by voting Republican!

Trump Rally MESA AZ 10/09/22. Video credit, DJT/Rumble

Arizona Family-3 reports: Former President Donald Trump is returning to Arizona and holding a rally in the East Valley as the election race heats up. The 45th president is scheduled to deliver remarks at the Legacy Sports Park off Ellsworth and Williams Field Road on Sunday. Trump will be joined by some big names in the Arizona Republican Party, including state attorney candidate Abraham Hamadeh, nominee for governor Kari Lake and U.S. Senate candidate Blake Masters. It will mark the second visit this year to Arizona for the former president. In July, thousands packed an arena in Prescott Valley as several Trump-endorsed and Trump-supported candidates spoke at the Findlay Toyota Center. In that event, he harshly criticized the Biden Administration over inflation and the border. He then took aim at Gov. Doug Ducey. calling him in part, all talk, and no action.

You’ll see what can happen when Kari Lake becomes your governor. It’ll be like day and night, Trump told the audience then. With early voting just weeks away, a new poll by the Arizona Republic and Suffolk University shows the governor’s race is a virtual tie. Despite being outspent by Democrat Katie Hobbs in television ads, Lake has zoned in her ads in a more personal manner, her life growing up. You’ve heard a lot of lies about me this past year, but here’s the truth, Lake begins the video. I was raised by a big family in Iowa, my dad was a teacher, and my mom was a nurse. The 30-second ad focuses on Lake’s background but doesn’t mention the issues that propelled her to victory in the August primary, such as claims of voter fraud, her stance on immigration, and her endorsement from Donald Trump.

Rally MESA AZ 10/09/22
This is an early-day photo of two Trump fans entering Legacy Sports Park. Image credit, AZCentral

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