RNC Convention 2020 Key Moments And Speeches

The love for America came out swinging at yesterday’s Republican National Convention (RNC.) The energy was so high it could light up all of America for a year and then some. And at the same time blew away Democrats Hatred for America. OUR choice is clear ~ Vote Republican 2020! ?

Key America inspiring moments from the RNC / GOP convention 2020. This playlist will be updated daily. Click to share .

Nothing but exceptional in every respect. Joe Biden and his fellow Democrat snakes blew their big spotlight moment spreading doom and gloom and their Hatred of America! ?

Update 08/26/20: First Lady Melania Trump spoke on the second night of the Republican National Convention on Aug. 25, 2020. Trump praised her husband for having America at heart and for upholding a number of important values, including religious freedom. She stated he was the only president to address the United Nations General Assembly about religious freedom, but former President Barack Obama also addressed this issue before the body in 2012. The party planned a mix of virtual and in-person events in North Carolina and Washington, D.C., for its nominating convention after the coronavirus pandemic interrupted plans for a traditional nominating event.

Melania Trump full gop / rnc convention speech from the white house rose garden 08/25/20

Naturally during the RNC liberal fact checkers were nit picking the GOP. But where were these fact checkers at the DNC convention as lie after lie was told? Dem lies did not fit their narrative! 🙄

Republicans opened their 2020 convention with speeches touting President Donald Trump’s accomplishments interspersed with dark facts about what Democrats have in store for America. What was said was Inspiring and watched by more Americans than dems doom and gloom dark moments!

Full RNC / GOP convention 2020 daily playlist.

Playlist of full daily RNC / GOP convention videos updated daily.

This blog post will be updated daily until the end of the convention. It’s painfully clear our only choice is to Vote Republican 2020 Full Ballot. Don’t let Joe Biden destroy our homeland! ?

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