Rigged Search, Gatekeepers Choose What We’re Allowed To See!

Rigged Search, Gatekeepers choose what we’re allowed to see. As a free thinker and independent blogger, website owner, and hobbyist webmaster, I’m finding out how the Democratic party manipulates big tech and the so-called lamestream media. When blogging the truth about what’s going on in America certain articles are refused indexing by major search engines manipulating the message!

Search is the main way articles like this one are found. Social media is another tool bloggers use to share their articles. But if you’re a conservative, republican, or Trump supporter, the Democratic Party (DNC) has a major influence on search engines and mainstream media, aka the lamestream media which act as gatekeepers deciding what material the public is allowed to access and especially what we are not. If y’all didn’t know, there are TWO major search engines in America. There’s Google and Bing (Microsoft Corp) and that’s it. Smaller search providers subcontract with one of the aforementioned sources. AOL subs their search out to Bing, and Yahoo search also subcontracts with Bing. Comparing the search results you can see the SERPS are mostly the same other than the ads, layout, and cosmetic window dressing.

Rigged Search
My FidoSysop Twitter profile lookup on botsentinel.com , Image credit, Bot Sentinal screenshot

Accounts that are classified as disruptive, often engage in malicious tweet activity. Some disruptive accounts harass other accounts and use offensive language. Disruptive accounts periodically share misinformation and can frequently spam hashtags. Inauthentic accounts and toxic trolls regularly receive a disruptive rating, so we recommend you exhibit caution when interacting with disruptive accounts. Rigged Search

BotSentinel via Twitter API

Case in point. I blogged two recent articles about Twitter removing thousands of its member’s followers. And another explained in great detail how to use Bot Sentinel to look up a Twitter user’s user profile and rating. Using my Bing webmaster tools account I manually submitted both URLs to be indexed that never showed up in Bing or Bing-provided DuckDuckGo search indexes. Using Bing’s URL inspection tool I ran both URLs and was told the URLs were refused because they didn’t meet Bing guidelines. In other words between both URLs, a major Twitter Purge was exposed. The other was not allowed because it showed the public how to use BotSentinel.com to look up their or other Twitter profiles. Big tech does not want this revealing Democrat negative information out in the public domain. Yep, Trump was right!

Rigged Search
Bing webmaster tools search submitted URL denied indexing. Image credit, Bing webmasters screenshot

Update 10/30/22: I came up with what I thought was a relevent domain for my sites contents (magaarchives.org.) But after a month of it not getting indexed in Bing who feeds DuckDuckGo I decided to put it in a subdomain of docsplace.org that I’ve owned since 1998. It’s been about a month since the migration and that same URL tests fine. They HATE Trump and the MAGA movement!

Bing Rigged Search
Same URL under a different domain Indexing allowed.

So meanwhile, Twitter says I’m Disruptive. Why is this? It’s really quite simple. In their algorithm, there are many Democrat politicians who tweet out absolute lies. There is major gaslighting going on, especially with the midterm elections coming in 22 days. I make it a point to comment on their tweets calling out their lies and gaslighting. The fact is that because I’m a MAGA Republican they label my account as destructive. The DNC-controlled leftists get perfect or nearly perfect scores. Here’s an example DNC troll score.

BrooklynDad_Defiant! profile via BotSentinel.com Twitter API. Image credit, Bot Sentinel screenshot

Here’s Joe Biden’s Twitter score. As perfect as one could be despite the blatant lying and gaslighting. This account is being manipulated. Yet when I call out his lies Twitter labels me Disruptive! 😡

Joe Biden’s POTUS profile via BotSentinel.com Twitter API. Image credit, Bot Sentinel screenshot

It’s really just this simple. This website reflects my personal opinion about politics as they’re seen by the Conservative, MAGA Republican, and Donald Trump supporters side of the rigged search and social media game, as I refer to it. I know for a fact my Twitter score is restricting my reach. It was at one time shadowbanned and probably still is . Democrats certainly do not want anyone reading what my opinion is 😥 and with the midterm elections, 22 days away they’re pulling out every trick in their hat!

So here’s the deal. Republicans need to take control of the people’s House and the Senate. We do this by turning the MIDTERMS RED by voting Republican full ballot. And as Mark Levin said, we’ll have time to take care of the Rinos later on. Once we gain house and senate control Investigations will begin into the Immigration debacle and other important issues such as the Covid origin and the vaccine killing many of our children and young adults. Section 230 needs to be given the bums rush out the door. You watch as soon as that happens Attorneys will file class-action lawsuits ending this rigged search.

I’m a hobbyist pro-webmaster. I’m also exceptional when it comes to SEO Blogging having learned through experience (and Yoast SEO) how to wright an article working around a keyword or keyphrase to rank well in search. But blogging from the right side of politics rigged search is a major problem. Personally, I’m thinking the Democrats are soon getting a major shellacking, and they’re really worried! 😎

Prefect SEO Score
This articles perfect SEO score that search and social media reject because its message is rejected. Image credit, Yoast SEO Screenshot.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it! The Democratic Party could care less how much we pay for Gasoline, Food, and everything else. Since Joe Biden took office our dollar is worth roughly eighty cents, and no matter how Joe and his admin try and spin it, Inflation is still raging on like an out-of-control forest fire. It’s also about controlling the people telling us what we can and can not do. We all know how well America was doing under Donald Trump. It’s time to get back to it by voting Republican full ballot on 11/08/22! ❤

I'm a Florida-born good ole southern boy hanging out online keeping up with tech. Being a TV technician from the early 70s I felt right at home when the net was released to the public. I blog my opinion about many worthy subjects as a hobbyist. If you find this article's information helpful please add your thoughts and share wherever possible!

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