Democrats Intimidating Voters 4 Days From Midterm Elections

It’s 4 days to judgment day and Democrats are Intimidating Voters. Biden and Obama are blatantly lying about Republicans taking Social Security away from retirees. Yesterday the view co-host Sonny Hostin called women Republication voters “Roaches” ABC network living up to its rotten reputation (Always Broadcasting Crap!) Here are a couple of to-the-point segments from last night’s Hannity show!

What a mess Joe Biden and his motley crew have made of our homeland since taking office. Lying about Social Security and name calling and intimidation tactics. The big RED Tsunami is coming in 4 Days! Video credit, FoxNews/Rumble

Conservatives on Twitter were appalled at “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin for smearing “White Republican suburban women” as “roaches voting for Raid” during Thursday’s episode of the show. Frustrated at the concept of suburban women choosing Republican candidates in the midterms rather than pro-abortion, progressive Democrats, Hostin launched into her tirade comparing women to cockroaches and the Republican Party to an insecticide spray that kills them. She said, “What’s also surprising to me is the abortion issue. I read a poll just yesterday that White Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?” [Disgusting Pig!]

Democrats Intimidating voters
Crime stats for NYC as reported by the NYP. This is what voting for Democrats bought New Yorkers!

This is Joe Biden’s Democratic America: A woman out for a run in the West Village was raped, choked, and robbed Thursday morning by a stranger who left her bleeding on the path before taking off on a Citi Bike after the harrowing attack. The 43-year-old woman was running around 5:30 a.m. along Pier 45, near West and Christopher streets when a man grabbed her from behind and choked her until she lost consciousness, police said. The fiend then knocked her to the ground and raped her, cops said. 

Democrats Intimidating voters
A woman was beaten, robbed, and raped by a total stranger as she jogged along NYC Pier 45 in Joe Biden’s America. Image credit, NYP

As Democrats are Intimidating voters and all the problems they directly are to blame for since Joe Biden became president it’s time to give them the boot! Out-of-touch crime denier, Cathy Hochul Governor of NY can’t understand what people are upset about as Murders and other high-profile crimes keep increasing. Her NO BAIL policies are responsible for repeat crimes. The bottom line here is to not let the Democrats intimidate voters. Stand strong and Vote RED Full Ballot setting the framework for the great 2024 Take Back of America. We can and Will Do This so get out and vote and take a friend with ya! 😉 was registered in 1998 and is a large archive open to the public. I’m 72 years old and are a non drinker/smoker who has been around the block many times. I am self-educated in many trades, and mastering the www is my continuing adventure in cyberspace. I aim also looking for one good woman to share my golden years with, Is that you? Contact me! 😏

4 Thoughts to “Democrats Intimidating Voters 4 Days From Midterm Elections”

  1. tpm

    New Yawk is full of scummy democrats.

    1. Doc's Websites

      Its time to pump out that Yankee septic tank. Vote RED! 🗳

  2. D3F1ANT

    We know who the roaches are…Sonny.

    1. Doc's Websites

      As far as I’m concerned everything on the left is slimy cockroaches! 🪳

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