Trump Save America Rally Miami FL 11/06/22 Instant Replay

Potus45 Donald Trump held his latest Save America Rally in Miami FL 11/06/22. This rally comes just two days before America’s Midterm Elections. Florida’s current governor Ron DeSantis is expected to win by double digits over former then-Republican governor Charlie Crist. Also, Florida’s Marco Rubio is expected to win the Senate election over Democrat Val Demmings a Nancy Pelosi rubber stamp!

President Donald J. Trump in Miami, FL 11/06/22. Video credit, DJT/Rumble

Trump, who recently said he “will probably have to” run again in 2024, will be supporting Sen. Marco Rubio, who is running against U.S. Rep. Val Demings. The rally at the Miami-Dade County Fair and Exposition’s Fairgrounds in Tamiami Park doesn’t include Gov. Ron DeSantis, who is running against Rep. Charlie Crist. who asked DeSantis about his plans for 2024 during a recent debate in Fort Myers even though one of the debate’s rules was that they could not address each other. “Will you serve a full four-year term if you’re reelected governor of Florida? It’s not a tough question,” Crist said. “It’s a fair question. He won’t tell you.” DeSantis did not. The 44-year-old rising Republican star, who has raised over $100 million from donors around the country, did attack Crist, 66, with some ageism.

Guest Speakers at Trump Save America Rally Miami FL

  • Senator Marco Rubio, U.S. Senator for Florida
  • Senator Rick Scott, U.S. Senator for Florida
  • Commissioner Wilton Simpson, Republican Nominee for Agriculture Commissioner of Florida
  • Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 25th Congressional District
  • Rep. Vern Buchanan, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 16th Congressional District
  • Rep. Matt Gaetz, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 1st Congressional District
  • Rep. Michael Waltz, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 6th Congressional District
  • Rep. Kat Cammack, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 3rd Congressional District
  • Rep. Byron Donalds, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 19th Congressional District
  • Rep. Carlos Gimenez, U.S. Representative for Florida’s 26th Congressional District
  • Mayor Esteban “Steve” Bovo, Mayor of Hialeah, Florida
  • Chairman Joe Gruters, Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida
  • Mr. Cory Mills, Republican Nominee for U.S. Representative for Florida’s 6th Congressional District
  • Ms. Anna Paulina-Luna, Republican Nominee for U.S. Representative for Florida’s 13th Congressional District

Ben Garrison reports: The Democrats are desperate. They know they are directly responsible for wide open borders, rampant inflation, a recession, pushing fascistic medical tyranny, out-of-control crime, a decline in education, the sexual mutilation of children, and even the threat of nuclear war. The Democrats are ignoring their own shortcomings and have resorted to outrageous lies and fear-mongering. The Democrats claim if the Republicans control Congress it would mean the end of democracy itself. They claim ‘democracy is on the ballot,’ even though the very act of voting is an exercise in democracy.

Save America Rally Miami
Ben Garrison (GrrrGraphics Cartoons) The closing argument as Democrats are really desperate

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