Trump Boat Parades Show HUGE Support For Upcoming 2020 Election

There have a slew of boat parades in support of president Donald Trump recently. Unfortunately the chances are slim to none you’ll ever hear this subject on MSM, except to say a Trump boat parade or two sunk. Though the big tech titans are manipulating what information American’s access, there is unprecedented support for president Trump. And we’re giving him and Melania 4 more years!

The silent majority is silent no longer, as thousands of patriots rallied in Clearwater FL for the largest Trump boat parade of all time.

The support for our fearless leader has never been stronger as Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tell lie after lie trying to sway your votes. Socialism has NEVER worked elsewhere, and will bankrupt America in a short time. Democrats want to get rid of our Police that keep us safe. They will end America’s energy independence chasing after AOC’s new green deal. China will take over America as politicians pocket rivers of dirty money, like Hunter Biden did in Ukraine!

President Donald Trump thanks boaters for their support! ?
God bless America. God bless real Americans who love our country and our citizens. Haters can go back to where they came from!

How many other president’s have personally thanked their supporters in this way? None that I can think of. It’s really quite simple, President Donald Trump LOVES AMERICA! ?

As I’m blogging this post I’m searching Bing for additional details. Bing used to be a great search engine that was not biased like Google. But even Bing has joined Google highlighting the negative like this example query for Trump Boat Parades. The usual haters headline the top query results!

msm negative Trump boat parade search query

Seems to me back when i was young mom used to say – If you cant say something nice keep your mouth shut! The fake news and hate titans should think about the garbage posts they highlight!

trump boat parade is a hit with American's

Democrats are the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late term abortions, socialism and blatant corruption. The Republican Party is the party of the American worker, the American family, the American dream and the late, great Abraham Lincoln. Vote Republican Full Ballot! 😉

Trump boat parade in Clearwater FL

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