Vehicle Scam Topics Overwhelming eBay Motors Community Forum

Apparently motor-vehicle scam topics are overwhelming eBay Motors community forum. There’s not much motor-head chatter or questions about cars and car parts etc that would normally be found in an automotive forum. Management must be trying to limit the car scam questions by pinning this post to the top. Gone are the days when this forum was great! 🙄

car scam warning and advice

The eBay Motors community forum over a decade ago was the best anywhere online to get any kind of car related advice. Motors was a vibrant community where regulars like myself hung out. We started good morning, what are your plans for today topics. Everyone chimed in and it was a great hangout. There was an occasional thread where someone sent money overseas for a car that never came. But a good 90% of topics were about cars. Today it’s just a fond memory of yesteryear.

eBay forums in the old days were provided and maintained by Liveworld. Lithium technologies took over a decade ago and chased what was left of the board regulars off. “People are scared to post in case they get slapped. Wishing someone Happy Birthday can get you sent to eBay jail.” 😥

What eBay and Lithium don’t get is the “community aspect” of a forum like this. Folks like to get together and say hello and chat about this and that other than cars. The topic enticed others to chime in and the board grew and grew where it was one of the most popular forums on the site.

From my archive: 2006 Ford F-350 XLT Diesel Dually with a Salvage Title on eBay Motors.
The truck is indeed a flat out bargain even with a salvage title. That is IF it’s been properly repaired, and the buyer can transfer it’s salvage title in his home state. Lots of little things just don’t add up on this one. Truck is in Massachusetts but it’s got Oregon tags on it, and has a Louisiana title. But the seller seems to have an answer for everything! The buyer is using suggested due diligence and asking the necessary questions before flying to Mass from Florida to pay the seller and pick it up.

Another doozie from my archive. Is The eBay Motors Community Forum Needed? In this forum post board regular Black*Max said this: “Seems to be only 5 regulars and not much advice. The knuckle walkers and the 19 year old programmers could any day now just say “Lets just turn it off.”

Just turn that joke automotive forum off. It’s rusted totally out like a 10 year old northeast winter car. It’s seats have long ago fell through the floorboards. Kind of like eBay who feds arrested six former executives for cyberstalking a Natick MA couple. Maybe if your venue was properly coded, and not held together with chewing gum and bailing wire, there wouldn’t be any glitches to report!

As usual just my two cent’s worth. Car shopping on the net? Don’t be a FRAUD Victim. Read my used car buying and selling guide. The most informative car buying guide online anywhere!

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