How Valuable Are Support Forum User Contributions?

Just how important are support forum user contributions to a community forum? Recently we posted a Google AMP specific question on this support forum. Another WordPress webmaster asked a question and was chastised by a WordPress moderator. Immediately afterword another moderator chimed in and closed the topic.

As a rule, if i am experiencing a problem it’s best to first Google it up and go from there. Google AMP is new and searching “amp validation errors” brought up a lot of results. There were several results posted in Automattic’s WordPress AMP Plugin support area. Others are used to adding to an existing topic.

My question and the last commenters question was not off topic, the questions were about AMP validation errors. But the mods insisted one commenter start his own topic. I would have been happy to help this person out. That’s what support forums are supposed to be for. 😉

How Important Are Support Forum User Contributions
WordPress AMP Forum Moderator (Jan Dembowski) Abusing her power closing a helpful topic.

This topic is specifically about Automattic’s WordPress AMP Plugin. The initial topic starters question was answered by an Automattic support professional, but subsequent questions were not answered by the official plugin developer / owner. But a couple others chimed in with responses that WordPress / Automattic might not have appreciated.

Time went by and FidoSysop figured out his amp validation errors and posted a link to this article posted on Doc’s Place BBS blog that could help out others experiencing the same or possibly similar issues. After that was posted another question was asked which brought this response by a moderator.

WordPress Forum Moderator chastising forum commenter
WordPress Forum Moderator chastising forum commenter

After moderator Jan Dembowski also chimed in about “WordPress forum rules.” FidoSysop, never being bashful, responded by saying “In my personal opinion – your an idiot.” That got his WordPress account permanently blocked. Wow.. talk about a thin skinned moderator.. 😆 It’s about power and abuse of this power by some so called “Officials” that can be a problem in situations like this.

That self proclaimed “Brut Squad” statement speaks volumes about this persons attitude. Her personal blog ( has been redirected to a YouTube video. Wonder who else she pissed off?

WordPress Support Forum Mod Jan Dembowski moderator and self proclaimed “bruit squad” Jan Dembowski

As for my WordPress account it’s no big deal.. Probably better to post on WordPress support forum with a “throw away account” which i will do from now on. 😉

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