Trump Save America Rally Charleston SC 01/28/23 Private Event

Trump Save America Rally Charleston SC 01/28/23 is an event where our fearless leader is said to kick off his latest Presidential run. The rally and live stream is scheduled to begin at 3:00 PM Eastern time. The event is private and by invitation only. According to Trump’s campaign team, the event is to announce the South Carolina leadership team for the 2024 campaign and to celebrate the one-year mark to the state’s ‘First in the South’ Republican primary. This video stream will be live when the rally starts!

President Donald J. Trump in Columbia, SC. Video credit, DJT Campaign/Rumble

Richland County GOP Executive Committeewoman, Eaddy Roe-Willard says she and the rest of her party are happy to welcome any republican running for president including the former president.

“I think it’s going to be a great kick-off to the presidential primary season,” Willard stated. “It’s always great when you can be together with a lot of like-minded Republicans and conservatives. It’ll be great to hear what President Trump has to say.” This post will be updated when more info is available.

Why is Trump teaming up with RINO Lindsey Graham? A snake in the grass Republican politician! 🐍

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