Video’s: Biden / Harris Hold Campaign Event In AZ NOBODY Showed Up

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held this campaign event in Arizona today and not a single person showed up. Talk about a big flop! The Biden-Harris campaign is disinformation, censorship by press and social-media, chaos, vote by mail fraud, violence BLM/Antifa, and back-room deals to steal the election. Nobody cares about corrupt Joe Biden and unlikable Kamala Harris! ???

Biden/Harris hold campaign event in Arizona and this news station reporter is shocked no supporters showed up.

The Last Refuge reports, As you watch this local media report of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris campaigning in Arizona most are focused on the complete absence of any support for the candidates; indeed, that is a rather weird fact. However, additionally watch in the video how the campaign staff has placed markers on the ground as visible cues for Biden, Harris and McCain to walk with social distancing; and pay particular attention to how Biden attempts to navigate his proximity responsibility therein.

Apparently this big push using Cindy McCain fell exceptionally flat. No-one cares… but the scale of the campaign being managed by poll-testers and control agents is really something; even beyond what we witnessed in 2016. To the Democrats all they care about is control.

Anyone getting in the way is collateral damage. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are spamming the air-waves with lie after lie – and nobody is calling them out for their blatant dishonesty.

Well I got news for demented and crooked Joe Biden. America is well aware of your do nothing years in congress. Your eight years as Barack Obama’s vice president, that you did not one thing to help American’s better their lives. And Kamala Harris identifying her heritage as Black! Geez according to African Globe, back in 2016 Harris identified herself as an INDIAN. She is conning black voters. Seems Harris is as big a fake as Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren! ?

Who is the real Kamala Harris and why are Black people refusing to support her? This video explains her entire history of anti-Black and anti-humane behavior and why Black people do not support her. Don’t let her and Joe Biden con you out of your votes!

As President Trump says, this is the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s not about Republicans vs Democrats, It’s all about Good vs Evil. It’s absolutely imperative EVERYONE votes Republican FULL Ballot. Get out and vote in person. There’s a chance many Republican mail in ballots will be discarded by postal workers possibly on the DNC’s payroll.

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John C
John C
October 17, 2020 7:37 AM

Who are lyin Biden and Kameltoe waiving to ? The palm trees?

October 17, 2020 8:45 AM
Reply to  John C

No telling.. BUT! If Biden / Harris manage to “lie cheat and steal” their way into Donald Trump’s seat Nasty Nancy Pelosi will use the 25th Amendment to remove Senile Joe Biden from office. In that event it makes Kamala Harris the PRESIDENT! In that scenario, America is really FUCKED! Harris and Bernie Sanders will be having public lynching’s like back in the wild-wild-west days!