Where Are The FACT Checkers When The Biden Campaign Tells Lies?

Seems our fellow MAGA folks are getting slapped silly by Facebook’s left leaning fact checkers. But where are those fact checkers when the Biden Campaign tells blatant lies? Joe and his Hoe are spamming the net with false ads, making promises anyone with the slightest bit of common sense knows are lies! And the same goes on Twitter, where little “three inch @jack” is shadowbanning and suspending conservatives accounts sharing Hunter Biden Email articles! ?

Video comments: 47 years of Biden making his family wealthy. Horrible. Americans don’t need this kind of President he is going to ruin the country. Who else believes that the computer repair shop owner deserves a Presidential Medal of Honor? ?

Folks must be sick of Biden ads spammed all over cable networks, sometimes running back to back blatant lies. It’s sickening how much money little Mike Bloomberg is shelling out trying to push Joe Biden and Kamala Harris over the finish line! But the fact remains that Joe Biden became filthy rich on a small government salary. Just how many back door deals made the Biden family rich?

OANN (One American News Network) Interviews Rudy Giuliani – personal attorney to President Trump and the former mayor of New York City discussing the latest bombshell in the New York Post involving an abandoned laptop from Hunter Biden. Papa Joe is up the Creek without a Paddle!

It’s being said that Hunter Biden’s Ukraine deal was split with dear old dad 50/50. How many Clinton Foundation deals made 4 Mansion Barack Obama rich? Something stinks to high hell here – and it ain’t President Donald Trump! Someone call the Biden Campaign out for the lies being told!

Joe is gonna use your money for a senior home when he looses to Trump on November 3rd. Buy a bottle of Tennessee whisky.

Meanwhile Twitter CEO @Jack says, it was wrong to block links to the New York Post Biden story. The associated press reports, looking to undermine rival Joe Biden 20 days before the election, President Donald Trump’s campaign has seized on a tabloid story offering bizarre twists to a familiar line of attack: Biden’s relationship with Ukraine. But the story in the New York Post raises more questions than answers, including about the authenticity of an email at the center of the story.

It’s nothing but Democratic Crap. Scheming to win this election with a big money campaign telling lies, promising things he will never deliver. Just nothing but a huge load of Bullshit. Crooked Hillary thought she was going to buy herself a presidential seat but found out otherwise on election night!

As President Trump says, this is the most important election in our lifetimes. It’s not about Republicans vs Democrats, It’s all about Good vs Evil. It’s absolutely imperative EVERYONE votes Republican FULL Ballot. And, If a Snake is running for a Republican position vote for it!

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