If It Were Not For Bad Luck Ole Doc Would Have No Luck At All!

The last seven months of my life on God’s good earth have been extremely rough on me. I’ve been in four hospitals, one of them three times, with many ERs, and being medically transported to several rehabs. I was released from rehab and when I tried to walk my left leg collapsed dumping me on the ground. It all started with a fall I had at Church on May 14th 23 ↱. They were having a blood drive and I climbed aboard the coach and started climbing the stairs. The next thing I remember is falling backward and landing outside the blood-mobile. I tumbled down the stairs landing real hard on my left side in the church parking lot, breaking two ribs and my left leg was cut up with blood squirting out of it.

Injuries From Fall Community Blood Bank of Hernando County FL
Injuries From Fall Community Blood Bank of Hernando County FL

After my Thailand girl died of a stroke, I met Deborah Williams Griswold in Spring Hill and we started dating and driving 60 miles each way to see each other. Then we decided to live together, and I was paying her $500 month rent which lasted around a year. She went to visit family and when she got back I was ordered out of her house in two weeks.

We always got along well together and never argued. But I had the feeling something was up from her messages while she was away. And to think I thought I was a good judge of character 😥 It hit me like a ton of bricks. In her absence, I had given her house a good spring cleaning and killed a good portion of the roaches that were residing with us. Bought a new shower curtain to match the bathroom wallpaper. It looked so good, I was certain she would be thrilled when she got home. Well on a Tuesday evening, she came rolling in. It was late and I was lying in bed watching TV. She came into the bedroom and headed straight to the bathroom looked inside then came out looked around it and headed to the bedroom door, all that time not saying a word. She stopped at the door and hesitated for a few seconds, then turned around and said, I’m moving to Crestview FL in two weeks and you must be out of here by then. She turned into the most cold-hearted and cruel woman I ever met! Haven’t heard a peep from her since.

I swear, sometimes I feel like like if it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!

Debbie Griswold
Debbie Griswold and Ed ” AKA Doc FidoSysop” Koon together in 2021

So the next Sunday I went to the church Of The Wildwood which was hosting a blood drive. There was a big bus parked in front of the chapel and after the service, I decided for the first time in 71 years to give blood. Entering the rear door I encountered two more steps and started climbing up the first one, suddenly I felt myself falling and wound up in the church parking lot. I hit hard and had blood squirting out of my left leg, among other scrapes and bruises. Someone from Community Blood Bank wrapped one of their t-shirts around the large gash on my left leg. I felt ok at the time and drove home. Laying down I felt a pain in my left side.

Waking up at around 2:00 AM I tried going to the bathroom but my left leg couldn’t hold me up, and I slid down the bed landing on the floor. Then called 911 and paramedics came and took me to Woodside Hospital in Brooksville. I was diagnosed with two fractured ribs and spent three days in the hospital. I was then medically transported to Spring Hill Rehab where I spent 27 days as the swelling in my left leg gradually went down.

While I was in rehab Debbie’s daughter and her husband came up and sold everything I owned in the rented residence. The sheriff said they didn’t break the law, and if I had receipts I could file a small claims action against them. It seems to me when I was young my parents instilled good values into me. If you take something from someone else it’s called stealing, and you could go to jail. Boy have times changed. I had mechanics tools and equipment some I’ve had for 40+ years. Anything over $100 is called Grand Theft. But not in Hernando County Florida. Cops knew they broke the law, but didn’t want to help me!

But seven months later I have fallen several times and have been a revolving door of hospitals and rehabs, and still can’t walk. I’m lucky I have not broken a bone or something else. 12/23/23: It’s now going on seven months since the first fall and I’m still falling when putting weight on my left leg. The leg collapses especially if I lean to the left. I am insisting on a CT of the left hip and surrounding areas, following up with an EMG/NCV ↱ analysis if the CT is negative.

The facility doctor who is assigned to my rehabilitation is avoiding requests to meet with me. Yesterday the person who found where my problem is said I need another 5 weeks of rehabilitation. It’s already been seven months since the initial fall, I think it would have healed itself unless a damaged nerve or who knows what is preventing the healing process. This institution I’m in is called a rehab. That’s the service they perform. I’m probably on their crap list like I am with big tech because I’m a Republican and a vocal Trump Supporter!🙁But unlike my political beliefs, it’s my body and it runs like a good old used car. It rattles and squeaks, and the exhaust is rather loud at times. But it’s mine and I gotta get out of here and download a new life somewhere!

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