Windows 11 Turning Your Favorite Software Into Dinasaurware

Another Windows 11 nightmare that I’ve been trying to resolve since buying my new generic notebook computer. Like what seems to be every new computer today comes with Windows 11. And no doubt, some of our sunny paradise retirees like me have difficulty seeing the fine print. Chances are I’ve figured this debacle out. Simply put, there is a difference between software/programs and apps! 🔥

Having problems seeing the text on Windows 11? Have a look at what Doc found out!

In a nutshell, unless Microsoft builds backward compatibility into W11 the older programs we’ve grown accustomed to have become Dinasaurware by MS. I have read about this in several places, so at least I’m on the right track. trying to figure this debacle out. As the old saying goes, It’s all about the Benjamins Baby! 🌺 was registered in 1998 and is a large archive open to the public. I’m 72 years old and are a non drinker/smoker who has been around the block many times. I am self-educated in many trades, and mastering the www is my continuing adventure in cyberspace. I aim also looking for one good woman to share my golden years with, Is that you? Contact me! 😏

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