I’m 35 Pounds Away From My Goal And Never Felt Better

Thinking back to last year around this time I was fighting my body to get under 300 pounds. My diet and change of lifestyle were not easy but with God’s good graces, I weighed 235 pounds today. Working on getting a referral to an Orthopedic specialist. My left leg is still extremely weak and thinking about the previous falls, one here, I’m afraid to try walking again until I see a specialist and go from there!

It’s Monday night and I’m feeling good. The weight loss is really good for my body at this age. Asked my doctor if i could jog with this stainless steel hip. He advised against doing it. I’m feeling good about myself and my new life! 🙏 

Not sure where my life is going from here. If any surgery is needed on my left hip there could be serious healing time. I remember back in 2014 when that hip was replaced it took several years to fully heal. Not looking forward to that again. I should know for certain if the muscle is damaged, or if there is nerve damage.

Had an opportunity to get weighed in bed today. My roommate who is bedridden and the CNA used a crane device to lift him. She said I need your weight too. Responding I told her I was 238 two days ago. I had her lift me with the crane. 235 this time. I’m lying here snacking on dried berries and raisins. At my age and the way I abused my body in my younger days, I’m glad I am healthy. But I am loosing my man boobs! 😎

Doc getting weighed by Chery picker 235 pounds

Or as ole Ronald Reaga9n said while chopping wood at the White House. If you’ve got your health, you’ve got everything. And then said, and you know you can’t have everything!

Photo of Doc taken in December 2023

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