Plesk Obsidian Crashed Again, Thank God For SnapShots

Plesk Obsidian
Plesk Obsidian introducing our newest server

But the good news about PlesknObsidian Web Admin SE is that it is Free. And if it is free, it’s for me. It has a three-domain / subdomain. And three email addresses. That works well for me as I am only running WordPress. Another domain that supplies my raw videos is run through a free Cloudflare account, where they are super-cached before being fed to my video server on another domain. This dramatically reduces server load, with the CF cache doing 80% of the streaming. This is a sweet setup for an old, poor cracker guy on a tight budget. This is a hobby and a classroom for me, and I love it!

Plesk Obsidian
Plesk Obsidian old MS-Dos Trace Route Hoops to

Another bit of Doc’s FREE webmaster advice is, are you using CloudFlare? If not, you should take advantage of their global Content Delivery Network (CDN) that pushes data out of the closest node to your site visitors. What’s beneficial is Internet traffic travels in hops. The more hops in routed traffic, the more it slows it down.

My server (instance) is in Stockholm, Sweden. Yet with CloudFlare, all thirteen hops were in the west Florida (Tampa Bay) area. The fewer hops, the faster the trip takes. Search engines also gauge the position in their SERPS on how quickly a website is!

CloudFlare APO
CloudFlare APO is the ticket to win! Image credit, Cloudflare Inc.

One last big website performance option only costs $5 per month! It is called WordPress automatic content optimization (APO.) It works because CloudFlare caches your website’s JavaScript, CSS, And external fonts such as Google fonts, etc. All you need is a FREE CloudFlare account. And if you’re running CloudFlare? $5 for their APO. I can help set it all up. Have questions? Comment below.

Plesk Obsidian
Plesk Obsidian Bandwidth usage adf data screenshot

Back to my Plesk Obsidian crash from hell. A botnet that’s controlled by a person who uses infected smartphones, personal computers, Internet of th9ngs (IOT) that are internet-connected applications, and cable modems can send a simple ping hundreds of times in a short time, denying legitimate traffic access, causing the server crawls to a stop and roll over on its back and dies. I believe this took me offline. I was in WordPress and noticed save commands were not working. Then I caught the unable to connect to a database error. As Scotty on the Enterprise said, It’s dead, Jim! What saved my ass was my web host offers instance snapshots. I restored the snapshot, and it was back up in an hour! ❤️ was registered in 1998 and is a large archive open to the public. I’m 72 years old and are a non drinker/smoker who has been around the block many times. I am self-educated in many trades, and mastering the www is my continuing adventure in cyberspace. I aim also looking for one good woman to share my golden years with, Is that you? Contact me! 😏

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