Why Does Our Media & Big Tech Hate Donald Trump 2024

Why do so many big news/media players that we trust to give us the facts only give their biased opinions (spin) about Donald Trump 2024?? And how can any US citizen outright lie, spinning the well-known fact that with Bidennomics, we ALL Pay More? The point is that Trump did indeed Make America Great Again! Let’s review Potus45’s accomplishments. and compare them to Bidennomics’ failure! 😠

President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Address 2018. Video credit, (Full) | NBC News

This post is also a test of using voice-to-text to transcribe my articles. I’m also using Grammarly, which checks my spelling and grammar and suggests that it could rewrite whole sentences. That’s a great feature, my spelling and grammar sucks Grammarly is indeed biased against Donald Trump. I said I LOVE Donald Trump, and it wrote I Hate Donald Trump! From this speech to the text transcription, “I hate Donald Trump a lot.” Where I sad I LOVE him. He’s done a great job at making America Energy independent. That’s why we are driven by our energy production. so America does not have to rely on other nations to supply the U.S. with the energy we need.

Melania Trump
Donald Trump 2020 SOTU honors America’s progress and honors Rush Limbaugh. Image credit, Reuters.

Everything was going along smoothly, and I think it’s my opinion to give him another four years he would have. America was the number one in everything in his 2016 election, and they’re all going against him. It’s a crying shame! The man named America again. He’s always done an excellent job and done what he promised to do.

President Donald Trump delivers his State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress. Video credit, Global News

Let’s discuss Biden’s electric car mandate, which forces everybody into electric cars. Are you going to have an electric car? Are you going to pay to charge it? Where are people in the city who live in neighborhoods where everybody’s parked in front of the houses in New York and other older communities where most folks only have one car? That has to be the stupidest thing I ever heard. You have to have electric cars and batteries. Hunter Biden brokered a deal that let China acquire the most minerals to make EV batteries. This election is the most important in America’s history. Everybody’s got it out to the polls. Vote for Trump. He’s the only person that could clean up the swamp and the rest. Does Biden and the Democrats see what they’re doing? People are getting killed, raped, robbed, and assaulted, and the cops, who are afraid they will get sued, let the suspects go. They are not getting arrested. Major cities run; you’ve got to be able to fight this crime. That’s one way to Save America!

Jeffery Epstein's Personal Calendar
Meme that’s photoshopped Joe Biden’s cabinet on Jeffery Epstein’s Island. Image credit, AwakenedOutlaw/Twitter

Let’s talk about Joe Biden’s wide-open border. Hey, I’ve talked about that ever since he opened up the border, and we see all these people coming into our country. I’d say it to myself: They have got to be Democrat voters, and it’s I’ve heard at least one state got a bunch of registered that’s not in our constitution. You’ve got to be an A US citizen to vote in any election. That’s what the Democrats are up to. They’re going to try to steal this 2024 election with migrants registered to vote, which is precisely what they’re going to do. I tried to discuss it online, but nobody wanted to discuss it until recently. Now, it’s not just about letting people into America; we will give their children free housing and education. To which I say:mad: that is BS. America should be taking care of our own. This is Democrats scheming to steal another election!

Alejandro Mayorkas lying
Alejandro Mayorkas is lying his butt off – the border is open. I’m thinking they will be voters in 2024, Image credit, Yahoo!

OK, this is the end of my grandmother’s house, and I’m not going to edit any of this; this is just how it comes through, and that’ll be the end of this test. But I must say one last thing before I go. Everybody, don’t the Democrats think we all got somebody should look into this? registering illegals to vote? They can’t do that. This does look promising. But having to send me the text from the iPhone is a pita. There are WordPress speech-to-text apps available. Theoretically, since Gramerly is running on this PC it should prompt to correct any error as they are transposed. But this is me, always trying something new and perfecting it!.

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Here I am at age 8 I believe emitting on my Uncle Bill’s new Massey Ferguson tractor in Wildwood Florida

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