We Need A President To Unite All Of America! 🇺🇸

Yes, The American People are fed up with the Democratic Party driving a wedge between us. It makes no sense to keep the blacks and other minorities living in the hood. After all, we’re all God’s children trying to raise our families; many of us are just getting by, living from paycheck to paycheck. America needs a president that’s looking out for ALL Americans. I was so proud of my homeland when Donald Trump was president. Now, with Joe Biden and his democrats at the helm, My Homeland is a mess, bailing out Ukraine and putting us in deep debt.

Only MAGA can drain the Biden swamp that has flooded our country with Democrat Voters. and made us the laughingstock of the world! 😡

Kristi Noem
Kristi Noem Endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2024

While surfing the X platform (formerly Twitter), I came across this meme by the Dilley Meem Team, and it was so spot on I played it several times. This morning, I added my two cents worth and a drive-by clip from the Gatekeeper’s excellent HOOD video collection!

What an excellent first-class job the Dilley Meme Team did on this one. I added my two cents worth and imported some HOOD video footage from the gatekeeper’s pride and joy YouTube!! 🤣

I know all about racism, being born in St Petersburg, Florida, in 1952. I remember restaurants and lunch counters in department stores refusing service to blacks. When they sat down, a waitress put a section closed sign in front of them. There were three bathrooms in businesses, one being for the colored people. The then-local newspaper, the St Petersburg Times, had big racist headlines. I remember reading one that said 2 N-words and one cop was injured in a shootout on Central Avenue.

Unite America
Webb’s City Gasoline 10.0. This lady ran out waiting int the gas war’s line. Image credit, St Pete Times

But I doubt America has any of that going on now. And the blacks were respectable. I remember an incident one Monday when the garbage men came to pick up ours. My Mother told one of them, y’all Nwords, stop banging my new trashcans against your truck. They are getting bent up. (she had me getting into the garbage and packing the grass clippings, etc, down, making more space. Well, one of them, I still remember his name, Mr Spivey, told her, don’t call us N-words. He put her in her place. This was the South in the ’60s. That’s just how it was. But educated people who know better don’t use those words today.

riots looting tumbles cnn
None of these riot looters are maintaining social distancing. Covid-19 is gone.

But we never had riots, looting, burning businesses, and police cars down. In my opinion, we are witnessing the new generation today. Democrats fan the racism fire every chance they can, just like the 2020 presidential election, where many businesses were looted and burned to the ground. There were reports of pallets of bricks placed where protesters had access. That right there smells like something a Democrat would do. MAGA Republicans respect our laws and police. But the Democrats always blame something that happened on us. I think they will fail miserably in November. Please vote RED to save our beloved America and reverse all the damage done!

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