Big Tech To Censor Free Speech By Rigging The 2024 Election

We know Big Tech stole the 2020 election; we have all seen the evidence. 2000 Mules was spot on in tracking the ballot stuffer’s smartphone GEO data. Probably the biggest offender is Google, who reverse-engineered their algorithm where anything Trump damaging shot to the top of the SERPs. While anything Trump-positive ranked so low, it would take a bot to find it. A case in point is this RNC matching check scheme being run in Melania Trump’s name. I’m no fan of the RNC or the GOP, so I ran a screen video in Google’s search console. Google perceived the RNC matching check scheme as first in Google’s algorithm.

Please watch these narrated screen videos to see how Google manipulates its search algorithm. They have reverse-engineered to put negative results up top and buries good positives In this screen video so deep it would take a bot to find them!

Example How Google Search Buries Positive Trump Queries

In this video, I explore why Google gives a Melania Trump RNC check inside an open, immediate forum post about the RNC scheme!

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