Homeless Woman Beaten By Hillary Clinton Activists

This homeless woman was severely beaten by Hillary Clinton Hate-mongering activists while watching over Donald Trump’s Hollywood Star.

Homeless Woman Beaten By Clinton Activists
Another testament to Hillary Clinton’s campaign bad taste is followers / activists beating up on Homeless People

Every day more disgusting news about the Clinton Campaign is surfacing.

On Thursday, a series of videos posted to YouTube showed a homeless black woman beaten and assaulted by a mob of Clinton supporting hatemongers as she sat peacefully guarding Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame while displaying pro-Trump signs, some of which were quite direct, graphic and to-the-point.

She took up residence on the star after another left-wing Hillary Clinton hatemonger smashed it with a sledgehammer.

Michael Cohen, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and special counsel to the GOP nominee, issued a series of tweets saying that he is looking for the woman in order to present her with a gift from Trump.

This is Absolute Crooked Hillary BULLSHIT America!

This video is disturbing so be forewarned before viewing.

With the latest Project Veritas Action undercover video sting operation revealing The Clinton Campaign is paying activists to beat up on Trump Supporters, we suspect these people seen in the video were paid to attack this homeless women!

The Clinton Campaign is setting a bad negative precedent for what America will be like under a presidency lead by Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine.

You never see Donald J Trump supporters acting rude or violently beating up on Homeless Old or Handicapped People!

We need to Make America Great Again by electing Donald J Trump President!

Just my two cents worth as usual! 😉

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November 1, 2016 12:39 AM

Charges must be laid against the fat turd and the other marxist cowards, video footage so charges laid, if i was there I would have laid the fat turd out