Real Breaking News America Will Never See Because Of Censorship

Wednesday some lunatic Caltrain engineer tried to take out USNS Mercy by ramming his train into it. There was talk about it on Facebook where an article was found, but otherwise hardly any coverage. Today’s FidoSysop blog post is about censorship and real breaking news the gatekeepers hide from Americans. My narrated screen video lays out allegations of gatekeeper censorship toward us. 😥

Reported by : A California man faces federal charges after officials allege he ran a train “at full speed off the end of rail tracks” near the U.S. Naval Ship Mercy, the 1,000-bed floating hospital that arrived in the Port of Los Angeles last week amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Eduardo Moreno, 44, of San Pedro, was charged Wednesday with one count of train wrecking  after the Tuesday incident, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a statement. Moreno told police that he believed the Mercy had “an alternate purpose related to COVID-19 or a government takeover.

breaking news censorship

Moreno told law enforcement officers he “intentionally derailed and crashed the train near the Mercy.” The train Moreno was conducting crashed through several barriers and came to a rest nearly 250 yards away from the Mercy, according to the DOJ statement. Nobody was injured.

Shooting The Messenger : The captain of US Navy aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt facing a coronavirus outbreak onboard his ship has been “relieved of command” after Navy leaders said he created a panic. It comes after a leaked letter by Captain Brett Crozier called on the Navy to urgently stop the spread of the virus on board the ship. Yesterday Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly said in a press conference that Captain Crozier had “demonstrated extremely poor judgement”.

USS Theodore Roosevelt file photo credit US Navy

The point is. The U.S. Navy wanted Americans to see how they shot Captain Brett Crozier between the eyes. Acting US Navy Secretary Thomas Modly used captain Crozier as an example of what will happen to anyone else who embarrasses the navy. A shameful act of U.S. Navy Desperation!

I’m for certain on Twitter Jack’s crap list. Facebook does well sharing certain blog posts and news articles. One recent blog post about Vladimir Putin sending covid-19 aid to America went wild on Facebook. However it’s matching Twitter share is mostly hidden without even the 1st engagement.

This tweet shared from the Daily Mail about Russia sending 6 TONS of covid-19 emergency supplies to president Trump is hidden as well. Not the 1st engagement is obvious censorship!

We all know the dirty democrats have ran with Crooked Hillary’s Russia card for too long. It’s driving leftists bat crap crazy knowing Vladimir Puting called president Trump offering his countries help!

Personally saying, all the censorship and leftists attacking our duly elected president Trump is sickening. America is at war with covid-19 yet bad actors continue discrediting his dedication to Americans during this war. We’re all caught in the middle of the dirty democrats manipulation of the gatekeepers. Oh you are not allowed to see this is or that so it’s blocked!

breaking news censorship

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