Bloomberg Plagiarizes Mike Cernovich Susan Rice Outing

On 04/02/17 Mike Cernovich exclusively reported Susan Rice was behind the unmasking of Trump administration officials. Eli Lake of Bloomberg Politics is accused of plagiarizing Cernovich’s outing, without giving him credit.

Susan Rice Unmasked Trump Cabinet
Susan Rice the rat in the Whitehouse who unmasked Trump cabinet applicants

Cernovich broke this story first, posted to his Medium act, and shared on Twitter.

However this morning (04/04/17) Bloomberg Eli Lake on Fox News took credit for the story. Cernovich is accusing Lake of stealing his outing of Rice, without crediting him for the story.

We remember reading Cernovich’s report that day, but no mainstream media outlet mentioned it. Reporting of Susan Rice unmasking would implicate Barack Obama directly, the real reason they didn’t steal Cernovich’s article that day. 😆

Meanwhile this morning, NBC Today show host Matt Lauer didn’t mention Susan Rice or anything even close to the unmasking of Trump.  Instead Lauer ran with his same old line of Russia Bullshit, no doubt as a distraction from the facts.

This Whitehouse scandal is bigger than Richard Nixon’s Watergate!

Is Susan Rice holding a Barack Obama get out of jail free card? Anyway ya shake it, someone’s ASS is going to Jail. This IS Treason! Lock Her Up! 😡

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