Law & Order SVU Depicts InfoWars Alex Jones In PizzaGate Spinoff

NBC Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) aired Season 18, Episode 17, titled Real Fake News. The story-line broadcast Wednesday night, features a PizzaGate-based conspiracy theory website. This SVU episode appears to be directed at InfoWars publisher Alex Jones a Donald Trump supporter.

PizzaGate Regurgitated By NBC News
The PizzaGate scandal featuring Hillary Clinton and John Podesta was regurgitated by NBC SVU as a slam toward InfoWars Alex Jones

#PizzaGate was sizzling hot back during the presidential election with the popular hashtag trending on Twitter. Alex Jones was one of many publishers that ran with the story, back then.

So here we are with Donald Trump celebrating his presidency’s 1st 100 days. And there’s an all out war going on about fake news. ABC CBS CNN MSNBC and NBC are all doing everything in their power to discredit Donald Trump.

This is a point in time where any conservative is being targeted by left-wingers. By now PizzaGate had fizzled into oblivion. So here comes NBC attacking Alex Jones, who is a Trump supporter and conservative.

Can y’all smell the vindictive spirit cooking blood coming from NBC? They regurgitated PizzaGate and depicted Alex Jones as the website owner Duca in their storyline. Getting back at Donald Trump through InfoWars!


From InfoWars: In the episode, a US congressman tells investigators he’s been hacked and now being targeted online by “fake news.” The congressman says the fake news website claims he’s a pedophile who frequents child sex parties at a Chinese restaurant.

As investigators visit the restaurant, a gunman walks in demanding they release children who he believes are locked in the basement. The SVU detectives also learn about the website which spread the unconfirmed reports.

NYPD investigators then confront the website’s owner, Ron Duca, a character seemingly modeled off Alex Jones right down to his hair. Duca claims his publishing of the congressman’s leaked emails is a public service. He further claims it’s his right under the First Amendment as a journalist.

Angered with the website, the detectives discuss having the Jones-esque conspiracist arrested. At one point, the Jones-like character is also confronted by the lead SVU investigator who calls him a fraud. You write stories that you know are false just to create hysteria and panic, the lead female detective tells Duca.

And just when things seem resolved, the episode ends with the congressman shot dead at the restaurant by a second ‘self-investigating’ gunman. Leaving Benson to grimace over his dead body while the restaurant owner pleads, is this ever going to stop?.

The fictional episode is rife with marginal parallels to the recent “pizzagate” drama, in which online conspiracies tied Hillary Clinton staffers and a DC pizzeria to an underground pedophile network.

Dubbed “pizzagate,” the conspiracy began when the organization Wikileaks released emails from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, which online researchers claimed contained multiple ambiguous references to pedophilia.

Interestingly, the detectives do uncover a separate child sex ring after reading the Infowars-style website. While the episode attempts to frame Infowars as the originator behind the Pizzagate conspiracy, rumors had been swirling months before the topic appeared on the site.

Benson refuses to let a peddler of fake news walk away after the damage he’s caused.

Update 05/07/17: It should be noted this post was authored in support of InfoWars / Alex Jones. It’s Doc’s opinion that Jones worked his ass off during the presidential campaign supporting Donald Trump.

Doc also feels Jones reporting of Hillary Clinton’s Dirty Laundry made the winning difference in the elections outcome. Doc watched the SVU episode and it wreaked of PizzaGate and InfoWars with Benson getting the last word in.

Doc’s opinion is NBC SVU produced their episode as a slam toward Jones who helped put Donald Trump in the Whitehouse. As to who originated the PizzaGate theory, we have no idea. Jones like many other publishers ran with it!

We were accused of copyright infringement in a tweet after sharing this post to Twitter. Yea we grabbed a few lines from Jones site but also gave him credit with a link. Guess this falls under the fair use doctrine. As the old saying goes Shit Happens!

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