Biden Kicking Sanders Butt But Neither Are Suitable For President

Floridians showed Bernie Sanders their thoughts on his socialism plans by voting for Joe Biden. It’s picking the lesser of the two evils in Democrat voters mind. Florida is a closed primary state. This means voters must vote within their registered party. So registered Democrats couldn’t vote for Donald Trump, which many probably would have done.

Biden beats sanders Florida Illinois
Biden beats sanders Florida Illinois – image credit fox-news

As i blogged earlier neither Sanders or Biden are viable candidates to lead our government. Sanders with his socialism push would bankrupt America in a few short years. Socialism didn’t work in Venezuela or Cuba. Trust me it will never work in America! 😥

For starters. Medicare for ALL will have limits and many exclusions. Mr. Smith, you need an operation, but were sorry, it’s not covered under Medicare for All. Mrs. Abrams, you have already exceed your lifetime expectation under Medicare for All guidelines. Here’s a script for pain medication to keep you comfortable until you die.

Cubans hating Bernie sanders beloved Cuba escape in truck converted to a boat
Cubans hating Bernie sanders beloved Cuba escape in makeshift boat

Socialist Bernie Sanders proudly stated recently that Fidel Castro was a good leader. Bernie went on to say, ‘Cubans praised Fidel Castro who educated their kids, gave them healthcare, totally transformed the society.’ Below is the story of one Cuban family that risked it all escaping Cuba. It took them two tries by converted motor vehicle but they finally were free!

Bernie says socialism and communism is good. And whats amazing, he has a group of followers that believe his bullshit. They say ‘If it’s FREE it’s for me’ blinded by their hatred of president Trump!

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