Globalist Rats Attack Censoring Patriots And Trump Supporters!

Globalist rats are attacking and censoring Patriots and Trump Supporters. Our thoughts shared through social media are being censored, though their censorship is nothing new. This is especially true for FidoSysop being on Google’s crap list, because I’m a patriot and president Trump supporter.

FidoSysop produced this rant video last night documenting being bitch slapped by Twitter. Proof of YouTube comments shadow ban is in this narrated screen video. Class action lawsuit anyone? 😡

Added Google hatred comes from FidoSysop’s website that for the past 16+ years has helped consumers avoid used car fraud. Car scams got started on eBay back in the early 2000’s. Executives stuffed their pockets full of cash mostly denying fraud which destroyed the venues community values and trust. CEO Meg Whitman, denied fraud that trashed her venue!

Here is a perfect example of early eBay Motors Sucker Bait! Fraudsters hope you will email them directly so they can send you their fraudulent eBay Motors vehicle protection program confirmation. The email fraud victims receive looks authentic, plus the email headers are falsified to look like it came from eBay, but it’s a scam. Documented is a victims email hoping to get their money back!

These folks in Los Gatos California were scammed out of $43,000.00 on this eBay car purchase. At the time $43k was about half of the used car’s book value. The motors team could care less, they got their listing and final value fees. Google buried my article warning consumers to verify the legitimacy of used car deals found online. Google is in the corporate cover-up business too! 😡

Google globalist rats hate me with a passion. I have no doubt they have a photo of my face on their corporate dart board. Hey Google you can stuff your censorship where the sun don’t shine!

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