Google Account History HUGE Compared To Facebook

Your Google account usage could be HUGE compared to what Facebook collected on it’s members. The only difference is Google does not profit by selling members data. But no doubt uses it to target members with ads and for other purposes.

Google Data Collection Retention
Just what does google have on you? Facebook is minor league compared to Google. Find out here.

There is a web developer in Ireland who was curious what Google had collected about him. So he downloaded a copy of his Google account history. He was shocked with what the zip archive he downloaded held.

If you have location tracking turned on via your smartphone, tablet or other connected device and they’re switched on, Google stores details of everywhere you’ve been. This includes your everyday commutes and travels around the world. This includes journey times between towns and cities.

Example data collection comparison Google vs Facebook. Courtesy of


  • Every Messenger message you have sent or received
  • Every Facebook friend you have connected with
  • Every Facebook voice call you have made
  • Every smartphone contact
  • Every text message sent or recievd
  • Every phone call made or received
  • Every file you have sent or receieved
  • Every time you signed into Facebook, and from where
  • Every stickers emoji you have ever sent

  • Every search made – even if it’s been cleared from your browser or device history
  • Every event in your Google calendar – including whether you attended
  • Every location you have visited – including how long it took you to get there, how long you stayed and when you left
  • Every image and file you have downloaded
  • Every file you’ve ever uploaded to Google Drive – even if they’ve been deleted
  • Every Google Fit workout you’ve done
  • Every photo you have taken – including metadata on where and when it was shot
  • Every ad you’ve ever viewed or clicked on
  • Every marketing topic that might interest you – based on factors like your age, gender, location and web activity
  • Every app you’ve ever searched for, installed or launched
  • Every YouTube video you’ve ever searched for or watched
  • Every email you ever sent or received – including deleted messages and spam

Google’s data files contain a complete record of your Google Calendar. This is broken down into all the events you’ve ever added, whether you actually attended them, based on your location, and what time you attended.

To access your history, as well as your complete Google data file, you need to request your Google Takeout file by clicking here. Be aware that, the more Google services you’ve used and the length of time your account has been registered. The data file could be several gigabytes and may even be in multiple downloads.

I’m in the process of downloading my acts 6 Zip Archives at 2GB each, which probably will take a few hours. This account was opened in 2008 i believe.. When the file finishes downloading it will be like opening a time capsule.

Google Account Archives Downloading
My Google account archive came in 6 2GB zip files.

I believe Google can be trusted NOT to pull a (Mark Zuckerberg who is really Zucked) with our data. I’m not the slightest bit worried about Googles account data retention. It’s the cost of using their many services.

However my Android phone Location is turned off. It’s just a NoneYa sort of thing. Ad targeting is turned off as well. If Maps is needed my location is turned on then immediately turned off when my destination is reached. Gmail is great but only used for website registrations etc. This server has excellent email capabilities and is great (like Gmail) at filtering out spam.

Meanwhile as my data is slowly downloading check back later.

Oh well.. As usual.. Just my two cents worth! 😎

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