eBay 2012 Range Rover Low Profile Scam

Took less than 3 minutes to find this fine example of an eBay SUV Scam. 2012 Range Rover HSE Sport with only 12,000 miles advertised for sale for only $28,999! But look here at this listing where it brought $54,000 by what looks like its true owner.

At least in this listing the vehicles eBay Auto Check history report shows both the Range Rover and it’s seller in Reno NV.

Folks if you run across a steal of a deal like this – STOP and ask yourself, why is the price so cheap? Has this car been in an accident, in a flood, does it have a salvage title? OR is it a scam??

Before even sending a deposit on an internet vehicle – have the vehicle and it’s title documentation inspected. If you are out of town, hire a professional service to inspect it for you. eBay VPP DOES NOT COVER off site transactions –  and there are lots of loopholes that limit the coverage. Read the VPP Coverage Details Here .

This video is produced in 1080p – and best viewed in HD by clicking the gear on the player bar.

And while your here, be sure to read Doc’s popular article “Used Car Buying And Selling Internet Advice” link above. Become an informed buyer. The butt you save might just wind up being your own. 😉

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