Censored & Shadow Banned On Big Tech Hit List

It’s OFFICIAL! I’m on Big Tech’s **IT LIST! But having my own WordPress blog and self administered web-server does have it’s advantage. With the Midterms nearing BIG TECH is sharpening the blade on their Guillotine – who’s next to be deplatformed? 🙁

Big Tech Holds The Internet Key
I’ve been exiled by Big Tech for not supporting the liberal left. Regardless my red blooded American views will never be changed!

Liberal leftists hold the keys to the internet. If we don’t get down on our hands and knees kissing big tech’s ass they whack us. Look at the hit they put on Alex Jones .

Jones was so popular big-tech conspired to deplatform him. InfoWars is still online after this mafia style hit job. The popular website is moving on, cloud hosting their media.fidosysop.org Jones will never be silenced. But the next attack could target his domain name infowars.com. Hopefully his DNS-security is enabled to prevent hijacking. Barack Obama signing over our Internet to globalists , was a huge mistake!

Mark Dice fears he might be next according to today’s video 🙁

Back in the early days when i grew up – there were 3 TV Networks.  We had NBC ABC and CBS. It was easy for government to manipulate the message. But today with cable networks and Internet platforms like InfoWars manipulating the message is difficult.

Alex Jones had a lot to do with Donald J. Trump becoming president! He had many rolling billboards with Hillary For Prison 2016. Even had airplanes towing banners!

Hillary For Prison Rolling Billboard
One of many Alex Jones / InfoWars sponsored rolling Hillary For Prison 2016 billboards.

What happened to Alex Jones could happen to any of us who LOVE AMERICA!

Big tech is getting too powerful. How they manipulate and control peoples minds is really scary. When we do not agree with their beliefs they chop our legs off!

Facebook now want’s access to their members bank accounts . Facebook is trying to persuade banks to share your financial information with the social network, a further escalation of its personal data aggregation efforts. It’s the NSA CIA Spying on America!

Facebook has asked several major U.S. hospitals to share anonymized data about their patients, such as illnesses and prescription info, for a proposed research project. Facebook was intending to match it up with user data it had collected, and help the hospitals figure out which patients might need special care or treatment.

My Tweets are ShadowBanned this video proved it . I had tweeted a review post but couldn’t find it. Signing into Twitter it was clearly visible so i was ShadowBanned.

YouTube appears to be manipulating video views. Many of mine were narrated screen-recordings from the 2016 election campaign. Regardless my early voting video from October 26 2016 got a whole 26 views.. 🙄

As far as Google search goes. When a webmaster or creator does not grease Google by displaying their ads they bury your articles and media.fidosysop.org I think advertisements make a website look tacky and chose not to run AdSense on my blog or media.fidosysop.org Probably a good reason for the lack of views to my channel. Shit happens!

This video of my Google search console shows the lack of Trump keywords and key-phrases, despite this blog being chock full of Donald J. Trump articles.

Google is also in the business of hiding negative content aimed toward other silicone valley big tech companies. I know this firsthand by experience. In 1999 I was the 1st car dealer to sell cars on eBay. At first it was a great experience. There was a market for rust free Florida retiree used car trade-ins to snowbirds in the rust belt. I cherry picked only the finest autos. Buyers would fly in and drive home in their new car.

But around 2003-2004 the fraud started. Trusting eBay members were literally being picked to the bone by European scammers listing non-existent cars for sale at unbelievably low prices. It was an epidemic and the auction house mostly ignored the problem with insiders stuffing their pockets full of cash.

eBay auction fraud was so bad I registered the domain ebaymotorssucks.com and started documenting the fraudulent listings. But Google buried my fraud awareness advice. Regardless I didn’t give up and in 2007 went to WordPress blogging platform and continued archiving eBay fraud and other dirty laundry.

They are suspected of hacking my site numerous times. Once was in 2011 when the FBI was investigating vehicle purchase protection (VPP) fraud. I had been documenting VPP fraud since 2009. They couldn’t let the FBI find out how long I was warning consumers of fraud. A DDOS attack knocked me offline for over a week. One month later the FBI released their eBay motors fraud report .

When hacking failed to take me offline eBay launched a smear campaign to embarrass and bully me in 2014. That didn’t convince me to take the site offline. I’m not intimidated by eBay trolls. They put me though hell spreading rumor i sold stolen cars and rolled back odometers. They even had someone follow me to church and called my pastor telling a bunch of lies and further embarrassing me.

Still sore about their mafia style corporate governance and disrespect for the law and intimidation tactics, and because Google was still burying ebaymotorssucks.com I rebranded the site using my former sellers ID and called it Doc’s Quality Cars. It’s the largest eBay specific web archive in the world. I bet they spent over a Million Dollars attacking me over the years.

Fraud and eBay Inc and PayPal seem to go hand in hand. Now bad buyer fraud is running rampart on the venue. eBay keeps sellers final value fees in not as described (SNAD) claims they mediate. This give them the incentive to side with buyers who defraud sellers by returning something other than what was purchased. This eBay seller lost a $6500 Embroidery machine to buyer return fraud!

Yea Google hates me – but oh well.  A Seller or Buyer get ripped off on eBay and puts up a website. eBay runs bots that find anything with their brand name in it. They then order Google to deindex it. It’s the new age mafia squashing negative articles about other silicone valley partners!

With the midterms upcoming I praise MY President, Donald J. Trump and his efforts to MAGA and DRAIN THE SWAMP! Regardless of big techs censorship I’m continuing to blog in support of my president and anything else on my mind!

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