Nasty Nancy Pelosi Hugfest In Chinatown Amid CoronaVirus Outbreak

Nasty Nancy Pelosi the most hated Democrat house speaker ever, hugged her way through San Francisco’s Chinatown District back in February. Pelosi was on a mission, attempting to discredit president Trump’s CoronaVirus Travel Ban that saved many American lives!

Guess the old saying “only the good die young” must be true, as people worldwide are dying of the CoronaVirus. Meanwhile nasty Nancy Pelosi is holding up additional aid for small businesses. Have the house democrats had their coronavirus test? Nasty Nancy could have gotten infected as she hugged her way through Chinatown protesting president Trump’s travel ban that saved lives!

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Asian-American owned businesses have seen a rapid decline in business since the coronavirus began its spread in Wuhan, China. As reported by KPIX TV5 .

At the typically packed Shooting Star Cafe in Oakland, tables were empty during lunch hour last week. The owner say it’s been like that every day recently. Besides the locals not coming in, a lot of people are trying to avoid Chinatown in general and avoid Asians”, said co-owner Sunny Wong.

nasty nancy pelosi

The same has been true in San Francisco’s Chinatown, a major tourist destination. Pelosi hoped her visit would help bring the normal hustle and bustle of the neighborhood back. “It’s exciting to be here, especially at this time,” said Pelosi as she walked surrounded by media and onlookers. “To be able to be unified with our community. Nasty Nancy is such a horrible liar. The only reason she was in Chinatown in the beginning was to advance her hatred of America and president Trump!

From my archive blog: Mexican Immigrants seek asylum in the United States after crossing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s CA Vineyard wall. The alleged Illegal aliens were brought to house speaker Pelosi’s mansion by activist Laura Loomer to highlight her calling walls immoral. C’mon Nancy, let em in!

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