Andrew Gillum FBI Corruption Investigation – Is He Still Suspected?

Tallahassee FL Mayor Andrew Gillum has been under investigation by the FBI for alleged corruption. When a person in power is offered something of value it might be hard to turn down. Do Florida residents want to take a chance electing this candidate for our governor under these circumstances?

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum FBI Corruption Invest
There’s a dark cloud floating over Democratic Florida governor candidate Andrew Giggum’s head. The FBI could possibly file corruption charges against him.

Of all the struggles Gillum has went through as mayor, none has been larger in the eyes of Tallahassee residents than the FBI’s corruption investigation . This invest has several Tallahassee officials caught up in its net, including Mayor Andrew Gillum.

Earlier this year, Gillum told the Tallahassee Democrat he had cut ties with one of the central figures of the FBI investigation lobbyist and restaurateur Adam Corey.

I had a trusting relationship and I felt like I allowed people around me who were acquaintances of his because I trusted him,” Gillum said. According to a January Democrat report “it appears that if these guys were here for an investigation, that the only way they got to me was by leveraging my friendship with Adam.”

I don’t trust Andrew Gillum one bit. He has already played the Democrat Race Card accusing Ron DeSantis of racism. I agree with DeDantis statement, taken in context. We don’t want to monkey up our sunny state in paradise by electing a Democrat. Though it’s best said “don’t muck It up” or somewhere along that line. 😉

Democrat Andrew Gillum is out of touch. Let’s elect Ron DeSantis for governor!

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