Andrew Gillum Boating With Undercover FBI Agents In Sting Operation

FBI agents took Andrew Gillum on NYC boat ride. The ride around the Statue of Liberty looked harmless enough. It was merely friends getting together to sight-see. At least that was what Mayor Gillum thought. Floridians don’t want a corrupt governor!

Andrew Gillum Boat Ride NYC
Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum taking a boat tour of NYC with two undercover FBI agents investigating him for corruption.

Update 09/14/19: Thankfully Andrew Gillum was defeated by now Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. However Gillum is under a  new investigation. According to Federal subpoena demands records on Andrew Gillum and his campaign for governor.

But former federal agents and prosecutors say the outing provides an important look into the FBI’s long-running investigation into public corruption in Tallahassee. The lengths to which undercover agents went to investigate Gillum was extreme.

Evidence shows that the boat trip and other events in New York were organized by undercover agents. Indeed, two agents were on the boat, unbeknownst to Gillum.

And if FBI agents organized the outing, It implies that their interest in Gillum had evolved into a “predicated” investigation. It would require the agents working the case to show their bosses that they have allegations or facts about criminal wrongdoing that would justify having Gillum aboard.

The boat trip would also have likely required many layers of approvals from Justice Department officials in Washington, agents say.

Whoever was invited on that boat’s list is short and it’s reviewed a number of times, said former FBI agent James Wedick. He worked on many public corruption investigations over 34 years at the bureau. We’re not going to let anybody on that boat that we don’t think is worthy of a criminal investigation, if we can help it. Source Miami Harold read more there.

Floridians do not want a George Soros funded socialist candidate taking charge of our state government. It’s my personal opinion Gillum will have his fingers in the pie soon after being elected. What will be his first move be, Gambling? Prostitution? Other Corruption?

Floridians lets help Donald J. Trump continue to make America Great Again by voting for Ron DeSantis (R) Governor . You’ll be glad you did! 😎

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Beaky Thwaite
Beaky Thwaite
February 23, 2021 11:27 AM

Keep in mind it was the NYC FBI who interferes in 2016 by forcing Comey to release email memo despite the fact those emails had been vetted & cleared 2 weeks previously. And who prodded them to do so? Rudolph Giuliani. Folks.. it’s the same players over & over again.