Nasty Nancy Pelosi Belittles Small Business Owners Needing Help

Small business owners face Bankruptcy as Covid19 stimulus aid runs out for millions of small business owners who desperately need help. Media-showoff House speaker Nancy Pelosi brags to Late Late Show host James Corden, about her designer ice cream. Booze and Botox Besotted Nasty Nancy could give two hoots about the American people she was elected to serve! 😡

nasty nancy pelosi belittles small business owners

Nasty Nancy Pelosi received major criticism for lack of compassion toward others not as fortunate as her. The Twitterspere exploded with anger and hatred as users reacted, pointing out that people they know are struggling to put food on the table. Pelosi’s San Fransisco media show proved once again where the most hated house speaker’s priorities are, and how inconsiderate she is to others!

One user wrote in response to Pelosi’s tweet. Imagine getting paid by taxpayers while having a networth of millions during a time when people are out of food & medicine to show the public you thankfully have a basket & freezer full of chocolate for a ‘catholic’ holiday. My god people, we have GOT to turn this right side up. Your two refrigerators probably cost more than the average person makes in a year. You can’t relate to people actually needing to get back to work.

While Nasty Nancy Pelosi sits in her ivory tower in San Francisco, eating $13 dollar a pint ice cream out of her $24,000 fridge, she is cheering on Democrats for blocking coronavirus relief aid that has so far been distributed to 1.3 million small businesses that is running out. 😡

Meanwhile good news for those on SSI. An agreement has been reached between the IRS, Social Security, and US Treasury regarding SSI Stimulus Funding. Those recipients will receive automatic Economic Impact Payments. SSI recipients will receive a $1,200 payment with no further action needed on their part. The IRS says payments for the SSI group will go out no later than early May.

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