Pinellas FL Election Supervisor Puts Sample Ballots In Newspaper

Pinellas County FL, Elections Supervisor Deborah Clark did not mail sample ballots out for the Midterm Election on 11/06/18. She instead put sample ballots into our local newspaper. Just who reads the newspaper these days? 🙄

With only 27 days until the primary election, and not receiving a sample midterm ballot in the mail, i gave our local office a call. I requested the election supervisor send me one.

After being put on hold i was asked my name and phone number. It was confirmed I was not sent a general midterm sample ballot. The friendly person i spoke with asked if someone could call me back. They were trying to find a way to send me a sample midterm ballot.

I received a phone call back rather quickly. The person said it was not possible to mail me a ballot, but i could pick one up at the local supervisor of elections office. A friend had also mentioned not receiving a sample midterm ballot in the mail earlier. We both had received a sample primary midterm ballot before.

This is the sample midterm primary ballot that was mailed out prior to the election. Possibly Deborah Clark wanted to save money? The primary sample ballot was large and well laid out. Possibly fearing a Red Tsunami maybe she wanted to hide the info? 😆

Sample Primary Midterm Ballot Pinellas
Photo of pinellas county fl sample ballot for midterm primary election 08/28/18

After asking if my sample midterm ballot had been lost in the mail the person stated, Debora Clark did not mail midterm sample ballots out this year. Instead they inserted sample midterm ballots in the newspaper. I was shocked to say the least. Responding with ‘who reads a newspaper these days’ the person chuckled hearing my response.

So if anyone in Pinellas County wants a sample midterm ballot they are available at any election office. The candidates are also listed here on website.

Update 11/01/18: Last week i received an official sample sample ballot in the mail. Strange since a staffer in Deborah Clark’s office said they were not being mailed out this year. Possibly the flack she caught forced this mail-out. 😎

Pinellas Sample Midterm Ballot
Received this sample midterm ballot last week despite being told there would be no mail-out this year

You’d think Deborah Clark would have a scanned pdf document available for download, that can be opened by smartphone or web-browser. Using 90’s style text based individual web pages that a voter looking for info must navigate through don’t make sense today.

Lets help Donald J. Trump keep America great by Voting Republican! 😉

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