About The Auto Port Wholesale Autos

When you buy your next car from The Auto Port Inc you save lots of money. Simply put, we do not have the HUGE Overhead of Franchised Dealers. We are a wholesale dealer selling at large dealer auctions such as Manheim and their online vehicle exchange (OVE.) 😉

All our inventory is priced at car dealers wholesale to the public. You can shop until you drop and never beat our advertised dealer wholesale prices with no bait-and-switch gimmicks!

2020 Kia Soul - The Auto Port Tampa Bay - wholesale autos

When car shopping online beware of dealerships with too-good-to-be-true prices. The sad reality is you’re not going to buy their vehicle at that low price. Those (bait) ads are created to get YOU on the lot!

Once you arrive at the dealership the games begin. It’s then discovered on top of that low advertised price, there are added reconditioning and other fees. Your salesperson says he’s negotiating with his manager, but it’s just another game. Next you’re ushered into the finance manager’s office (F&I) where you’re often asked how much per month you can afford. That’s when the pack-on begins. Extended warranty, undercoating, paint sealant, out-of-work payment insurance, yada yada yada.

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You’ve been at this dealership for several hours and to be totally honest, their car is beaten up and worn out. It’s at that time you’re pressured to sign the contract. That bargain price that lured you into that franchised dealer has increased by several thousand dollars. You say NO and try to leave but your salesperson can’t find the keys to your car that was appraised for its trade-in value earlier in the franchised dealer game. Most people in this situation just give up and sign the contract! 😥

We do not play games or use gimmicks to get you on our lot. The advertised price is what you pay. We have a flat $299 dealer fee, plus state and county tax, and state fees for tag and title transfer.

Financing. We do offer to finance those with good credit. However, if you’re like most car buyers with an already established loan history with a bank or credit union, that is your best option to get the lowest interest rate. Simply call or email Mr. Caldwell and he can fax our buyer’s order to your bank or credit union. Your lender will give you a draft or letter of approval to give to us. Quick and easy!

This video is from Noell Caldwell our sales manager explaining how we do business

Save yourself the aggravation of playing franchised dealer game. Take all the time you need to browse and test drive our inventory with no pressure. Check out our latest inventory on our other website theautoportinc.com .

Any questions please call or email Noell Caldwell at (727) 539-7559