Doc’s Place BBS Online Legacy Lives On

Greetings, Y’all; welcome to my new domain, replacing the shadow-banned, which was registered in 1998 for Doc’s Place Fidonet BBS Onlne. The 52 is the year I was born. FL is for Florida. And the C stands for Cracker, being I’m a lifelong Floridian. It contains four sites I once operated migrated into one, showcasing my memories over the years. Having a top-level domain was a perfect all-protocol access point to my BBS in the early days of the web. Sadly, the BBS was retired on 06/23 due to my living arrangements when my latest love left me with fewer assets. But, all my life, when I stumbled through life trying to learn all that was learnable, I got up running, which is difficult in my old age. The BBS was down to 1-3 callers daily. It’s time had come and gone. At an amazing 32 years online, Doc’s BBS was possibly the last Wildcat Web/Telnet FTSC System left online in America! 😥

wildcat bbs version 5 sysops view
Wildcat BBS Software and Platinum Express Fidonet FTSC mail tosser running on Winders 2K Pro in 2005

When most dial-up BBSes had folded after the Internet’s release, Doc spammed the Fidonet backbone in 1998 with a single bbs advertisement. That ad and a dual-channel ISDN net connection while line camping on MSN Network breathed new life into Doc’s Place BBS, which received hundreds of calls from all over the world in 1998.

Fidonews Archive 08/14/2012 | Doc's Place BBS Online Fido News BBS Advertisement

Checkout this old time Fidonet BBS Telnet Tour Video. See how we connected by dial up modem to send messages worldwide before the net went public.T, a trip back in time to see how we communicated long before the internet became mainstream. Back to the days when we thought 56k Modems were FAST!

How we communicated before Windows and the Internet.

Doc’s BBS had been online for 32 years primarily for the old-time Fidonet Diehards who kept calling and calling! That’s a serious milestone for a BBS that started its life on a 1200 Baud modem! 😎 But most of all, it was a great learning experience. I had transitioned to the net and started following Google becoming a top-notch hobbyist webmaster. But many good memories remain. One was from another Sysop, Richard Webb, (1:116/901) who wrote this testimonial about Doc’s BBS in Fido News.

As ole Tom Burnett said in his Motel 6 Ads, we’ll leave the Light on for ya! And through life’s travels and good and bad times for 32 years, my priority was making sure Doc’s Place BBS was online for the Fidonet community. Another failed relationship that cost me everything I owned.. It’s sad because I really loved that girl, and would never leave her even if she was dying. I would have cared for her until God called her home! So, Jesus, whats next for me? 🙏🏻

16 Thoughts to “Doc’s Place BBS Online Legacy Lives On”

  1. Htos1av

    I ended my BBS daze in ’96. Had a Motorola surfboard modem in Nov. 95, as we had one of five original optical node switches here in north Florida by ’93. We used an SGI ONYX “infinite reality” system to build it at a Comcast confab. Also ported the iOS from NextOS from Motorola at that time but Apple sat on it for another 15 years…

    1. Ed 'Doc' Koon

      Foc’s place has been a great adventure ino cyberspacrbefote the internet was released I’ve left it up fom many years for those who loved Fidonet, It was insalled on W7 pro that ran for many months unstructured

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