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This little chunk of cyberspace is the home of doc’s place Fidonet BBS online and is also a good-sized web archive of Doc, AKA FidoSysop, and his adventures in cyberspace dating back to the dial-up bbs days. Fidonet is a global communications network operated by hobbyists on personal computers transferring early ‘echomail and netmail‘ around the world on dial-up computer modems. 😎

Doc's Place BBS
Droolnet Headquarters in 1994. Planet connect mail processing dish on the left, and doc’s place bbs on the right running four dial-up nodes on Dos 5.0 and Desqview multitasking software. Those were the good old days before the net took over.

Doc’s Place BBS was allegedly canceled. It started with my Fidonet echomail feed going down, in which politics and the cancel culture were highly suspected, after 30 years of service to the Fidonet community. Details are in this article, has the cancel culture infected the Fidonet network?

wildcat bbs version 5 sysops view
Wildcat BBS Software and Platinum Express Fidonet FTSC mail tosser running on Winders 2K Pro in 2005

When most dial-up BBSes had folded after the Internet’s public release, Doc spammed the Fidonet backbone in 1998 with a single bbs advertisement. That ad and a dual-channel ISDN net connection breathed new life into Doc’s Place BBS, which received hundreds of calls again.

docs's place bbs html main menu
Screenshot of doc’s place bbs web interface main menu taken in 2021

But 23 years later advancements in technology have left Fidonet in the dark ages to die a slow miserable death. Here is a narrated screen video tour Doc produced in 2016 showing the site’s Telnet access features. The internet menu allowed outgoing telnet connections to anywhere. Doc’s place bbs also featured a GUI the Wildcat Navigator which allowed web surfing when dialing into the system via modem. Wildcat version 5 was the most advanced bbs software ever developed!

How we communicated before Windows and the Internet. Video credit, FidoSysop.

Here is a screenshot of Doc’s Place BBS Telnet Main Menu as featured in the above video. It was simple and easy and also a fun learning experience back in the MS-DOS days before the Internet was rolled out to the public in the mid-90s. I long for those days today as political bias censorship has all but wrecked the net for patriots like me who are silenced for our political opinions! 🙁

Wildcat Version 5 with the internet connect pack Telnet main menu screenshot taken in 2020

Other content on this site is webmaster help, and a little of this and that. Doc became a Donald Trump supporter in 2016 and blogged about his campaign. fidosysop.org has over five years of documentation about Donald Trump who was America’s Best President Ever, In my opinion.

about FidoSysop
The Droolnet Planet Connect 3ft satellite dish in 1994. We mounted the satellite dish on this old $100 car to get around the City of St. Petersburg unreasonable code compliance division who wanted a structural engineer to certify its installation on my roof.

I’m a hobbyist webmaster following and blogging about what’s going on in America today. This website and its media content reflect my personal opinion. I simply tell it just like I see it, with no beating around the bush or sugar-coating applied. It does not run ads or otherwise attempt to generate revenue. Sourced content (snippets, images, videos, etc) is used within the doctrine of fair use rights. .

Any questions, leave a comment below. Or use this contact form to email me. 😉


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Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan
09/27/2022 7:22 PM


12/05/2019 4:19 PM

If anything should be free it should be free to our veterans. Not lazy people having more kids and living off my tax dollars. Or refusing to work. Plus I am all for drug testing too

12/05/2019 4:25 PM
Reply to  Vonwilson

I agree. America provides the opportunity to become successful, and Donald Trump has brought us back from near destruction! Let’s give him another 4 years! ??

08/20/2019 10:33 AM

I can’t believe that there are still people who believe that Trump is good for America.
These people are not seeing the whole picture. It is so sad.

Gilberto Diaz
Gilberto Diaz
02/26/2020 6:22 PM
Reply to  Anonymous

If you identify yourself I’d do happy for you to educate us as to what you mean by the “whole picture”. I may not agree with you but would love to hear what you think I need to see.

As you see, I’m not an internet warrior.

02/26/2020 6:58 PM
Reply to  Gilberto Diaz

Gilberto, thanks for your comment. Just some internet troll. Probably working for a reputation defending company. Just consider the source and ignore it.

gary rice
gary rice
12/12/2019 7:32 PM
Reply to  Anonymous

What exactly is the reason you think Trump is totally bad for America? Hillary would have been way worse. I like how Trump is standing by his word. The Israeli’s are our friend and Trump shows them this is a fair nation to our allies. If not for Trump countries like China and Russia would run over Americans like we were fodder for their road to the heart of America. Just my 2C.

12/12/2019 7:45 PM
Reply to  gary rice

Let’s give him 4 more years! ??

08/20/2019 11:02 AM
Reply to  Anonymous

There are those that believe everything should be free.

That’s usually said by people who are to lazy to work hard achieving the American dream.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, someone is always paying for it.

Donald J. Trump will be easily re-elected in 2020 ❤️??❤️

Ray B
Ray B
08/04/2016 11:22 AM


I am looking for a copy of the wcCODE 4.2 manual or programming guide. I have a copy of the wcCODE software and the help is okay, but I really need the manual. I have searched online and on ebay, but no luck. My copy was lost years ago. I am going to start up my old Wildcat 4.2 ML 10 BBS for a local community project and need to add some needed functionality and make customization’s to menu choices. Could you tell me where I might find one?

08/04/2016 11:31 AM
Reply to  Ray B

Nope.. Especially V4x DOS, we upgraded to Wildcat V5 in 1998 or so, V5 didn’t have diddly for manuals.. Might try asking on the BBS in the Wildcat category.