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Internet Auto Buying Selling Advice By A Retired Used Car Dealer

Car Buying Advice By Retired Used Car Dealer

The most informative in depth car buying and selling advice ever written for internet automobile consumers. Published by a retired automobile dealer who gives his best advice for getting a great deal buying online. 😉 Doc is a previous licensed…
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Eli Lake and Bloomberg Plagiarize Mike Cernovich Susan Rice Outing

Eli Lake Plagiarize Mike Cernovich Susan Rice Unmasked Trump Associates

On 04/02/17 Mike Cernovich exclusively reported Susan Rice was behind the unmasking of Trump administration officials. Eli Lake of Bloomberg Politics is accused of plagiarizing Cernovich’s outing, without giving him credit. Cernovich broke this story first, posted to his Medium…
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Fox News is Donald Trump’s Favorite Channel and Should Be Yours Too

Fox News Fox & Friends Morning TV

Fox News is President Donald Trump’s favorite News Channel. That’s because Fox Network skips the Fake News and Abusive Content broadcast by Democrat manipulated networks trying to harm OUR PRESIDENT! I’ve been a faithful NBC news watcher for better than…
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