Missouri SUES Planned Parenthood Over Abortion Trafficking

planned parenthood

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey today announced a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood Great Plains after an undercover investigation captured employees offering to assist a 13-year-old obtain a secret inter-state abortion without parental consent – a violation of Missouri state law. Bailey stated,“This lawsuit is a direct result of the investigation…

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Where Did Instilling Good Values Into A Child’s Upbringing Go?

Instilling Good Values

Instilling good values into my upbringing by my parents taught me a lot. But, today, society seems to be lacking those needed Instilled good values. I learned many values from my parents and the good people I’ve met in my 72 years on God’s good earth. Instilling good values into…

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Remembering The Good Old Days in St Petersburg FL


I just turned 72 last month and remember what I now call the good ole days! ❤️ Life was simple. We had a black-and-white TV with 3 VHF channels, and 2 UHF independent’s. Dad drove a 1952 Chevrolet with what was nicknamed the three-on-the-tree manual transmission. No AC or Heat,…

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Label those who were involved Domestic Terrorists!

Trump blames ‘Biden’s border invasion’ for Laken Riley murder, vows ‘largest deportation operation’ if voted for President 2024! 🇺🇸 https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-blames-bidens-border-invasion-laken-riley-murder-vows-largest-deportation-operation-elected Gotta love ❤️ it Donald Trump beat her in her own state, Yeah, McDonald’s should work out well for her. I’ll have two big macks and a supersized order of…

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Steamy Cell Phone Data Proves Willis & Wade Lied Under Oath

Nathan Wade’s cell phone records.

The lawyers for President Trump have Special Prosecutor Nathan Wade’s cell phone records. And it’s bad for Fulton County DA Fani Willis. The lovers LIED Under Oath about when their affair started. That would put any of us in the poke, but being Democrats, they will get a slap on…

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Letitia James: What NY Has Become Under Democrat Leadership!

Letitia James

And I’m not only referencing all The murders, and crimes that are way out of control, with no sign of even being brought under control. I’m talking about politics overruling the American Justice System. Donald Trump, his adult sons, and their chief associates in the Trump Organization’s sprawling real-estate empire…

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