Where Did Instilling Good Values Into A Child’s Upbringing Go?

Instilling Good Values

Instilling good values into my upbringing by my parents taught me a lot. But, today, society seems to be lacking those needed Instilled good values. I learned many values from my parents and the good people I’ve met in my 72 years on God’s good earth. Instilling good values into…

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Toby Keith Country Music Star, Goes To Heaven At 62

Toby Keith RIP

One of my favorite country music singers, Toby Keith, departed Earth and went to be with the Lord at 62 years old after a battle with cancer. This is my favorite of his Country music videos. Crank y’all’s speakers up!❤️🇺🇸❤️ TobyKeith.com Reports: Nashville has been called a factory town, and…

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Merry Christmas From Florida, Kindly Leave Your Baggage Behind

Merry Christmas from the Sunshine State of Florida. Living down south in Paradise used to be inexpensive, but everything (rent, food, etc) has skyrocketed since many snowbirds packed up and moved here permanently. With some of them dragging their baggage along with them. Wouldn’t it be great to build a…

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Dan Bongino’s Self Defence Masterclass Edition With Rener Gracie

Rener Gracie

Wow, once again Dan Bongino knocks the baseball out of the park featuring Marshal Arts Masterclass Trainer Rener Gracie. You’ll focus your attention on Gracie University Chief Instructor’s many moves teaching us how to use Marshall Arts Juditsu to protect ourselves in today’s increasingly violent society! 💡 Self-Defense Masterclass with…

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