Webmasters Check CloudFlare Free Services Out

CloudFlare Services Can't Be Beat

A fellow webmaster turned me on to CloudFlare. One of my sites is really resource heavy with huge screen captures and media.docsplace.org After enabling CloudFlare i could see a serious improvement with it’s loading speed. And a test with Pingdom Tools was really impressive after enabling CloudFlare. This particular website is running WordPress with a slew of plugins and sidebar widgets. It’s a serious data…

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Geek Storage Web Hosting Review


This is our experience purchasing web hosting from Geek Storage. Matthew Eli promises hyper-speed web hosting but did not produce it for myself or a partner in this adventure. Their shared hosting is supposed to be top notch. GeekStorage.com “Web Hosting For Geeks, By Geeks” is supposed to be better than most shared hosts, but what we experienced was not good at all. In my…

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The Best Skype Android Modified App

Skype Android APK App Download

Not happy with your Skype Android App? Here is a great Skype Android MOD that’s loaded up with features. Skype Android has came a long way since it’s first introduction, but is still lacking features lots of android smartphone users want. I have been a Skype subscriber for close to 5 years and have a local phone number. It’s great for doing internet work since…

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Got The HostGator Migration Blues?

Have You Got The HostGator Migration Blues

Have you got the HostGator Migration Blues? Got this notification recently from my web host HostGator. They were planning on migrating my account to a new server. Hello, Please read this email urgently and in its entirety as it contains very important information regarding your HostGator account on gator1808.hostgator.com. Your account is being upgraded onto brand new, more powerful hardware which will include the latest…

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