Calvary Chapel St Petersburg Scandal

This website showcases the story of Calvary Chapel St. Pete founding Pastor Danny Hodges. What’s alleged is worthy of a Fortune 500 Corporate Hostile Takeover. What went down is just business in the corporate world, but it should have never happened in a megachurch like this! 😡

Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg Church Announcement

Danny Hodges was literally tossed out of Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg. It was the ministry he spent over 33 years building while dedicating his life to God. Last Sunday, it was said that lies and untruths were used by an outside ministry to help group PastorServe to remove him from his pulpit.

His flock, many of who did not believe ccsp nontransparent excuse for his termination, rallied and rallied for him. The end result was this new ministry. Calvary Chapel Fellowship St. Petersburg .

Update 02/02/2020: Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for Dave Dodge and his comrades to force pastor Danny Hodges from the ministry he spent decades building. Today I attended the 2nd service at Calvary Chapel St Pete, the church that pastor Danny built into a megachurch. The first thing I noticed was the lack of chairs in the main chapel. When pastor Ryan Marr began the message there was a decent attendance but nowhere like it was when Danny Hodges was teaching the bible.

After the message, Ryan Marr talked about Calvary’s budget and how expensive the electric bill was. Gone were the ushers that assisted latecomers to an available seat. Gone were the volunteers who directed traffic in the parking lot after the service.

Pastor Danny Hodges’s sheep followed their shepherd to his new ministry, which explains the shrunken chapel in the below video clip. It’s all about the business end of a megachurch like this. Insiders got greedy and wanted it all for themselves.

It looks like they lost after rolling the ‘oust the founder’ dice! 😥

You can read how it all began on our about this website page.