Deindexed By Big Tech But Fido’s Still Online

Deindexed by big tech but ole Fido’s Still Online. This is my story about why big tech deindexed both and domains. Doc’s FidoSyop Archive was doing exceptionally well in Bing search but Bill Gates lowered the boom on me and totally deindexed this domain from their serps. I became exceptionally good at search engine optimization and was really hitting my intended keywords and keyphrases target hard that butthurt someone who simply clicked a mouse and zap!

This is my story. Big tech hates this website because it tells the truth. And nothing hurts worse than that!

In essence, this domain and my other registered in 1998 are tainted. This site was added to Facebook’s database of dangerous individuals and organizations. That means that anyone who shares a link from this domain is shadowbanned. The sharer can see the link he shared but nobody else can. This is yet another example of how big tech defends the Biden Admin, silencing those who tell the truth.

I finally closed my Facebook account and Twitter account as well. But with all the buzz going on about Elon Musk making an offer to buy Twitter I reactivated my account. There’s a 30-day temporary termination period when deactivating Twitter after that amount of time everything is deleted from their servers. Though I’m shadowbanned on Twitter it is a good source of information to keep up with what’s going on. Facebook is totally worthless and I don’t miss it the slightest bit. Mark Zuckerberg screwed his brand into the ground teaming up with the DNC and buying the 2020 election.

Update 04/21/22: For the past two weeks I’ve been in brief contact with two Bing support reps and one suggested reviewing their webmaster’s best practices. After reviewing the rules I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary that I could have inadvertently done to violate the rules. But realizing this blog is multilingual and creates subdirectories for each language I’m thinking that could be the thing that triggered the deindexing. I verified the canonical URL was correct for each language. So I replied to the support rep letting the person know my findings. Since then I received several canned form letter responses saying their analysis of my site was complete and was forwarded to their product development team. Last night I fired this email off that was not replied to.

letter to bing webmaster support.

Today I noticed several queries in my stats that showed they came from Bing and DuckDuckGo searches and one from Yahoo. A quick site command verified I was back in their index. Still no reply to my email. But I’m back, but wondering for how long. I must give a big thank you to whoever turned this domain back on. I’m only blogging my opinion about how my country is governed.