Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About Insurrection

J6 Video

Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About the U.S. Capital Insurrection. All Patriots should thank house speaker McCarthey for fighting the democrats to get this never seen by the public security footage. Now we see why Nancy Pelosi insisted on keeping what you are about to see on the video private. They lied their butts off. The event that took place on January 6th,…

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True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht And Greg Phillip’s Arrested

True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht

Why is the media silent about True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht and Greg Phillips’s arrests yesterday? What few small news sites shared truethevote arrests, sharing services were denied access to Facebook and Twitter APIs. From what I’ve found out a Regan-appointed judge wanted one of their confidential source’s names. When Englebrecht and Phillips refused to name their source, they were taken into custody. Neither Tucker…

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MAGA Republican Americans Democracy Is About OUR Rights!

MAGA Republican Americans

That’s right, MAGA Republican Americans Democracy Is about OUR Rights and Freedom. Joe’s speech last night made it perfectly clear that America must choose a political side. It’s not about left or right, it’s not about red vs blue. It’s about OUR Democracy and constitutional rights and freedoms. Isn’t it laughable that Donald Trump and his MAGA Movement live absolutely rent-free in Joe Biden and…

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Did The FBI Stage Mar-a-Lago Documents On The Floor Photo?

FBI Stage Mar-a-Lago

Did the FBI stage mar-a-lago photos that were laid out on the floor? Does anyone think for one minute that a man of Donald Trump’s candor would recklessly leave these documents laying on the floor? Our fearless leader is a big man that at his age I doubt he could sit on the ground to meticulously lay the folders out in nearly perfect order. And…

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Trump Insists On Kicking Joe Biden Out Of His Stolen Presidency

kicking joe biden out

Trump insists on kicking Joe Biden out of his stolen presidency. Either put the legitimately elected president in power or hold a new election immediately. America has gone through 22 months of insane destruction with Joe Biden and his corrupt socialists wrecking our homeland. The last straw is the FBI colluding with big tech to cheat Donald Trump out of his second term. Kick Joe’s…

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Trump Was Right The Election Was Stolen By The FBI & Big Tech

Trump Was Right

Trump was right the election was stolen by the FBI and Big Tech. I must admit that ole Joe Rogan has a great talent for being able to coax his podcast guests to spill their guts. And yesterday reeling in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was Rogans finest moment yet. Zuckerberg spilled his guts on how Facebook censored Miranda Devine’s NYP article about Hunter Biden’s laptop…

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You’ve Seen The J6 Smear Campaign On MSM, Here’s Another Opinion

J6 Smear Campaign

The J6 Smear Campaign is a one-sided attack on our democracy! Democrats are panicking with the midterms approaching, what you’ve seen or heard is nothing more than Democrat Theatre intended to convince registered Democrats to stay with the DNC and not go to the GOP. They know their policies have destroyed America. That’s why the southern border is wide open, Democrats need voters to stay…

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Dallas Morning News, Dom DiFurio Trump Hater, Discredits 2000 Mules

Dom DiFurio Trump Hater

In the Dallas Morning News, Dom DiFurio is yet another editor that hates Donald Trump and the America First movement that follows him. DiFurio on 05/24/22 trashed Dinesh D’Suza’s popular 2000 Mules movie. After its initial theatre release where D’Souza sold tickets to 2000 Mules to be shown in leased auditoriums, he was contacted by other theater owners/managers that wanted to show his movie. When…

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2000 Mules Theatre Movie Showing, Slim Attendance, And Not Advertised

2000 Mules Theatre

Went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules Movie theatre showing today. I’ve seen it already via the net but my girlfriend hadn’t, and we have not been to a theater this year. So I pulled up Fandango on the net, queried a search, and found it showing nearby. 2000 Mules was showing in a “Georgia Theater Company” independent cinema. So thinking it would be sold…

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Wikipedia Is Lying Covering Up The Least Secure American Election Ever

Wikipedia Is Lying about 2020 Mules

Wikipedia is lying about Dinesh D’Suzas’s popular 2000 Mules Movie saying it is false which is an outright falsehood. The world’s largest leftist-controlled online encyclopedia is doing its part to discredit the movie just like the lamestream media. I’ve watched it several times and it’s telling the truth. That’s why they are working overtime discrediting 2000 Mules. As far as smartphone geo-tracking goes, my iPhone…

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True The Vote Interview With Epoch Times As AZ Investigations Underway

true the vote

Roman Balmakov from The Epoch Times did this interview with Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of the True The Vote organization. The three discuss what went on during the 2020 Presidential Election. The ballot stuffing into privately funded ballot drop-off collection boxes as shown in Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules movie that proved beyond a reasonable doubt Trump won. This is a great video interview and…

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Democrat Treason IS Exposed By Tucker Carlson And True The Vote Data

Democrat Treason Is Exposed

Democrat Treason Is exposed running a mail-in ballot-stuffing operation funded by Mark Zuckerberg stealing the 2020 Presidential Election from Potus45 Donald Trump. The movie 2000 Mules reviews from those who watched the premiere in theaters are being posted online. The data presented in 2000 Mules was laid out perfectly shining a spotlight on the treasonous election! 😡 ucker Carlson’s interview on 05/05/22 with Catherine…

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