Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About Insurrection

J6 Video

Never Seen J6 Video Proves Democrats Lied About the U.S. Capital Insurrection. All Patriots should thank house speaker McCarthey for fighting the democrats to get this never seen by the public security footage. Now we see why Nancy Pelosi insisted on keeping what you are about to see on the video private. They lied their butts off. The event that took place on January 6th,…

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Trump CPAC 2023 We’re Evicting Joe Biden From The Whitehouse

Trump CPAC 2023

President Donald Trump CPAC 2023 was HOT last night and spoke clearly and decisively for nearly two hours. He stated that in 2024 We’re Evicting Joe Biden From The Whitehouse, as the crowd roared! He ticks through a list of pledges for a second term in office while also hitting on points he’s repeatedly made in past speeches since leaving the White House, notably that…

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Woman Dies In Police Custody After Being Denied Medical Care

Woman Dies In Police Custody

Woman dies in police custody after being evicted from a Knoxville TN hospital for no insurance. I came across this video yesterday in a tweet. Further searching revealed the full bodycam video (1:16) in length released by Knoxville Police is gut-wrenching to watch and I did just that. 60-year-old Lisa Edwards went to the hospital thinking she was having a stroke and had a broken…

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The China Covid Scam Was About The Benjamins As Millions Died!

China Covid Scam

The China Covid Scam was all about the Benjamins as millions died. Most Americans have heard yesterday that the US department of energy admitted that Covid-19 came from China’s department of virology lab in Wuhan CN. And a whistleblower on last night’s Tucker Carlson show claims that China released the virus to purposely kill millions of people. And the not-so-good doctor Fauci was hip-deep into…

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FL Gov Ron DeSantis Ends Disney’s Reedy Creek Exemption

disney reedy creek

FL Gov Ron DeSantis Ends Disney’s Reedy Creek Exemption today. Walt Disney corporate had the sweetest deal in Florida back in the 60s that allowed itself to be self-governing. Earlier someone was buying a large amount of land in central Florida. Soon the word got out that the buyer was Walt Disney. The Magic Kingdom soon opened. Disney was still developing mass land tracts. A…

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Donald Trump In Palestine OH, Buttigieg Takes Personal Day Off!

Donald Trump In Palestine OH

Donald Trump In Palestine OH, as Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, takes a personal day off! What a wuss he is as it’s apparent he is Intimidated by Donald Trump who handed out pallets of water, food, and other needed supplies to the East Palestine residents. This, my friends, is what America is about. As Biden hands our money out in Ukraine who comes…

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Twitter Citizen Journalists Are The Best Source For Unfiltered News

Twitter Citizen Journalists

Twitter Citizen Journalists are the best source for accurately reporting what’s happening with our government. It’s an actual fact that the mainstream media is not reporting the scandals ongoing in our homeland and abroad. Most folks are sheep following the news networks. We watch CBS evening news reporting by Nora Donaldson which is like ABC, CNN, NBC, etc. What’s told is what the Democrats want…

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Ohio Train Derailment Was Carrying Other Undisclosed Toxins

Ohio Train Derailment

Ohio Train Derailment was carrying other toxins than initially disclosed. State health officials were initially concerned about the presence of vinyl chloride, a highly volatile colorless gas produced for commercial uses Among the undisclosed substances were ethylene glycol, monobutyl ether, and isobutylene. Other toxins, like phosgene, and hydrogen chloride, were emitted in large plumes of smoke during an alleged controlled release and burn. A list…

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Are UFOs An Ohio Train Environmental Disaster Media Distraction?

Ohio Train Environmental Disaster

Are UFOs An Ohio Train Environmental Disaster Media Distraction? Last night I didn’t watch the Super Bowl and decided to watch an informative documentary. As usual, Twitter was hopping with news about the DOD and these so-called UFOs. I had heard about the train wreck, but last night It was revealed by Twitter citizen journalists with videos showing reporters covering the story being arrested for…

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Shakedown At Project Veritas | James O’Keefe Sidelined By BOD

shakedown at project veritas

Shakedown At Project Veritas as BOD Sidelines founder James O’Keefe. Last night the Twitterverse was on fire as word spread that James O’Keefe was placed on paid administrative leave. This action appears to be a corporate hostile takeover right after O’Keefe’s biggest journalistic story ever busting Pfizer Pharmaceuticals allegedly mutilating the Covid-19 virus. Project Veritas bit off possibly more than O’Keefe could chew. One thing…

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Sarah Sanders Responds To Joe Biden’s Lie-Filled SOTU Address

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Sarah Sanders Responds To Joe Biden’s bleak lie-filled SOTU Address. I confess I didn’t watch the clown show, instead, I watched Ice Airport Alaska, a great show if you’re into aviation. But my Twitter feed was up to date giving an idea of what was happening. The most tweeted picture was of Dr. Jill Biden planting a kiss on the lips of Kamala Harrisses Husband…

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China Owns America | Spy Balloon Was Middle Finger For Blinken!

China Owns America

China Owns America | Spy Balloon Was Xi Jinping’s Middle Finger for the Biden Admin, telling Antony Blinken who was the boss. And that my friends are a factual statement. Let’s face it, just about everything we buy is manufactured in China. Many politicians both Democrat and Republican have sold America out. Dan Bongino was literally on fire during today’s show. He laid out who…

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