Locked Out Of Elon Musks Twitter For Unspecified Policy Violation

Elon Musk's Twitter Act Violation

Today I was locked out of Elon Musks Twitter for some unspecified policy violation. To be honest I have been wasting too much time reading, liking, and commenting on others’ tweets. All I know is my account is locked for 10 hours plus. I may also have to complete other requirements to access my $7.99 monthly Twitter Blue account. This action came after contacting Twitter…

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Why Is Facebook Defending The Alleged Biden Crime Family

Facebook Defending Biden Family

Why is Facebook defending the alleged Biden crime family? Case in point, last night the Daily Mail published an article about CBS News finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell was real. I shared the daily mail article on my FidoSysop Facebook page and Twitter. Almost immediately I received a warning from Facebook that the shared article goes against their community standards and only…

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Rigged Search, Gatekeepers Choose What We’re Allowed To See!

Voter Suppression

Rigged Search, Gatekeepers choose what we’re allowed to see. As a free thinker and independent blogger, website owner, and hobbyist webmaster, I’m finding out how the Democratic party manipulates big tech and the so-called lamestream media. When blogging the truth about what’s going on in America certain articles are refused indexing by major search engines manipulating the message! Search is the main way articles like…

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Do Lawyers Have Big Enough Balls To File This Class Action?

Do Lawyers have Big Enough Balls to file this Class Action Lawsuit? We have the Biden Admin colluding with social media to manipulate the message as Mark Zuckerberg recently admitted to being pressured by the FBI to shadowban Miranda Devine’s NYP article “Laptop From Hell” that was censored by big tech and the lamestream media undoubtedly changing the 2020 Election outcome. YouTube striking video creators…

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Big Tech Is Covering Up The Cover-Up Of The Least Secure Election Ever!

covering up the cover-up

Big Tech Is Covering up the cover-up of the “least secure election ever!” It’s a proven fact the 2020 Presidential Election was STOLEN By the DNC and Joe Biden. And once again just like back then, YouTube is striking creators down for any mention of the 2000 mules movie containing truethevote.org cellphone ping data analysis that is factual. Law enforcement uses the same technique to…

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American Free Speech Online Is Alarmingingly Difficult But Is Achievable

Doc's FidoSysop Archives

American FREE Speech Online is Alarmingingly Difficult but is fully achievable with the right resources. It’s totally true that big tech owns the Internet because of the way they have monopolized it. Today’s web surfers use APPs to connect with web services. And that’s where they have us by the shorthairs. Say something they don’t approve of enough and they pull their APPs severing the…

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Celebration Of Life Video Shared To My Pastors Facebook Page Blocked

Celebration Of Life Video

Celebration Of Life Video blocked by Facebook. Earlier this week I recorded a celebration of life ceremony at my local church. Not a big deal as my iPhone and a mini tripod worked well during the fifty-minute service. When I returned home the video file was transferred to my PC and uploaded to Rumble. After processing It was shared to my persnal profile and tagged…

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FidoSysop Deindexed By Bing Search For Being A Biden Regime Enemy

Deindexed by Bing Search

Ole FidoSysop was Deindexed by Bing Search for being an enemy of the current regime. Not only is FidoSysop deindexed in Bing search but also in the DuckDuckGo index. It’s in a sense laughable that a 70-year-old former used car dealer (trust me) and ASE certified mechanic turned internet hobbyist got under big tech’s skin so easily. Or as the old saying goes, nothing hurts…

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Facebook Shadowban Technology Patent Chases Off Loyal Members

Facebook Shadowban Technology

Facebook Shadowban Technology is yet another reason Mark Zuckerberg’s members are fleeing his once number one social media network in droves. And he even filed for and received a patent from the U.S. government patent office in 2015. Most Facebook members have experienced how shadowbanned tech works. You share something from say, Donald Trump yet none of your conservative friends like the link you shared.…

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Convoy To DC Group With 137K Subscribers Shut Down By Facebook!

Convoy To DC Facebook Group

The word is circulating through cyberspace on alternative social media and websites that Facebook shut down the popular Convoy to DC page/group with 137,000 subscribers. Make no mistake this is the left’s Marxism on full display. The group’s Facebook members did nothing illegal and were exercising their constitutional right to protest vaccine mandates. The convoy to DC was modeled after the massive Canadian convoy protesting…

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YouTube Suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel Opens HUGE Can Of Worms!

Dan Bongino's YouTube Channel

YouTube suspends Dan Bongino’s Channel. It’s painfully obvious that the old saying which is, Nothing Hurts Worse Than The TRUTH is TRUE! It’s Just like millions of conservatives and Trump supporters that have had their Opinions shut down by Google’s censors. Personally, I believe Google opened up a big ole can of worms censoring Dan Bongino, who is also on YouTubes BIG Competitor Rumble! Forbes…

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Dr. Oz Is Censored By Facebook, But What About All Zuck’s Scam Ads?

dr.oz is censored

Dr. Oz Is Censored by leftist Facebook political push limiting his account and refused to accept his P.A. Senate run campaign’s ads. Let’s face it, big tech and the mainstream media are in bed with the Democratic National Committee. It’s not fair to pick and choose who Zuck does business with, but America is powerless to say otherwise. And the Republican Party has no BALLS!…

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