Mark Levin & Hannity Discuss Hunter Biden’s Indictment Pending

Hunter Biden's indictment

Mark Levin and Hannity discuss Hunter Biden’s indictment pending on last night’s show. We gotta love Mark Levin’s getting right to the point attitude, and this is really good. We all have heard about Hunter’s laptop from hell and his escapades making lucrative big money deals with China, Russia, and Ukraine. But this indictment pending is about unpaid taxes and fraudulent gun permit application. It’s…

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Mike Lindell Is Suing The U.S. Federal Government And The FBI

Mike Lindell Is Suing

Mike Lindell is suing the Federal Government and the FBI because his phone was seized as part of a grand jury investigation into Colorado election meddling. Lindell told conservative podcaster, Steve Bannon, online in the war room live stream that he was employing the best lawyers in the country, including Alan Dershowitz. What can we do with the seizure of my phone and this FBI…

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America Is Under Siege: FBI/DOJ Seizes Mike Lindell’s Cell Phone

America Is Under Siege

America is under siege as the “My Pillow Guy Mike Lindell” was surrounded by the FBI at a Hardee’s drive-through last night who seized his business cell phone. Lindell claims he does not use a personal computer and his business is all on his smartphone. We know Mike is a true patriot and has claimed to have evidence of widespread 2020 election fraud, and being…

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Dan Bongino Show 1850: America Is Now An Official Police State

Official Police State

Dan Bongino Show 1850, America is now an official police state. Dan was on fire in today’s show about the recent actions by the FBI and DOJ. The number is subpoenas is unsure but the DOJ issued subpoenas to alleged dozens of Trump aides in an apparent escalation of the mar-a-lago investigation. It’s painfully evident that the Biden Admin will do whatever it takes to…

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The FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid Handed Donald Trump 2024 Election Win

fbi mar-a-lago raid

The FBI Mar-a-Lago Raid handed Donald Trump the 2024 Election Win on a silver platter. The documents they took were already declassified. The Raid was a political fishing expedition that DOJ head Merrick Garland confessed to personally authorizing. Just what were the estimated 30 agents doing rummaging through Melania Trump’s underwear door and wardrobe? Wonder if agents took home some of her clothes for their…

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Inflation Reduction Act IRS Hires Will Terrorize Small Businesses

Inflation Reduction Act IRS

Hidden in the Inflation Reduction Act IRS hires will generate $124 billion by tax enforcement! Yep, that’s how Joe Biden and his former Foreign Agent admin heads will add 10,000 NEW IRS Agents to crawl up every American small business owner’s butt! With Democrats spending money like drunken soldiers on shore leave they need money and they could care less how many small business owner’s…

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Border Wall Hypocrisy: Biden Erecting Sections Of Trump’s Wall

Border Wall Hypocrisy

Border wall hypocrisy, Biden Admin secretly erecting sections of Donald Trump’s Wall. All those migrants being bussed to DC by Texas and Arizona have had consequences for the Democrats from hell team. They were caught filling in 52 gaps in Arizona, then tried weaseling out of being nabbed red-handed erecting Trump’s wall. But don’t be fooled – Joe’s playing politics for the midterms! Fox News…

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Recession: Liberal Media Embarassingly Redefining Its Definition


Once again the lamestream media is wetting all over themselves over the recession our American homeland is in. It’s really insane to see some of the things they are doing to cover the Biden Admin’s ass, so to speak. As usual, I watch the day’s Dan Bongino show and he has the sources to get the scoop on what’s really going on in America. Wikipedia…

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DC Mayor Muriel Bowser: We Have A Migrant Crisis In Washington!

Mayor Muriel Bowser

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser calls for the National Guard’s help claiming she has a migrant crisis. Well geez, I reckon those busloads of migrants being offloaded in her city by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott are getting to her. But wait a moment here, Alejandro Mayorkas has repeatedly said the Border is Closed! Maybe he was talking about the regular crossing checkpoints. One thing is for…

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The Walls Are Closing In On The Biden Crime Family China Deals

Biden Crime Family China

Looks like the walls are closing in on the Biden crime family China dealings. New whistleblower texts are pointing at Pino Joe as the big guy. One of Hunter Biden’s former business partners referred to Joe Biden as “the Big Guy” in a panicked message the same day The Post broke the news of the infamous laptop from hell left behind by the president’s son.…

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Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked To Pay Cartels For USA Passage

Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked

Migrant Girls/Women Trafficked To Pay Cartels. Human Trafficking is being emboldened Under the Biden Admin. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz takes us undercover at the border exposing how young girls are being sold into sex slavery to pay the Cartels who smuggled them across the border. Most have colored wristbands identifying the cartel they owe money. Migrants turn themselves into border patrol carrying an address to…

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Mark Levin Democrats Wrecking Our Homeland Must Watch Video

Mark Levin Democrats

Mark Levin last night had a very revealing opening statement about how Joe Biden and his team of democrats are using Marxism to destroy our homeland. Don’t let them run with Adolph Hitler’s ‘blame it on our enemy’s playbook rule’ they are running with. It’s a FACT they are blaming Republicans for the mess they created. Save America by turning the Midterms RED! Get out…

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