Problems Facing Conservatives

Opinion: There’s a political war ongoing the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s would be jealous of. Big tech is increasingly silencing conservatives and Trump supporters opinions and thoughts. The worst offender is Google who controls how we find information on the net with their search monopoly . Facebook is coming down hard too using leftist fact checkers putting restrictions on popular pages such as mine . Twitter is also shadowbanning and manipulating it’s members followers. ?

This video was produced with some of my opinions gripes and thoughts.

I’m one of the good guys ? I love my country and stand behind America’s values and It’s constitution. Born in St. Petersburg Florida in 1952, I’m from the old school and respect everyone’s right to free speech and freedom of the press. Many hours have went into building website.

As a teenager I was thrilled with electronics and hung around a neighborhood TV shop after school learning how to fix televisions and radios. In 1991 i became a computer bulletin board system operator (Sysop.) When the internet became available to the general public, being a former TV technician i felt at home on the net.

I studied SEO and social media marketing, and got real good at it. I was the used car dealers go-to-guy for internet help. When Donald Trump announced his presidency, I became an outspoken Trump supporter and are to this day. During the past three years I’ve built a huge website with two blogs, two forums, news and video servers. YouTube’s not censoring and deleting my self hosted videos!

Chances are this site’s content will not be found in search. There’s no hate, vulgar language, or anything harmful. Big tech don’t want the public finding ANY website promoting Donald Trump!

big tech political bias censorship
YouTube lack of views. Note the WP Rocket review views vs pro-Trump videos are nearly non existent

It all boils down to censorship and manipulation of the lefts agenda. Guys like me are collateral damage in this high tech world. Facebook is the absolute KING of shadowban technology . Shadowbanning is such a powerful censorship tool Mark Zuckerberg patented it.

Last summer i shared a tweet screenshot that received 1.9 Million views. After it went viral Facebook shadowbanned my page. I could see the newest posts had virtually no views. The posts were there but notifications to my page subscribers was turned off, so traffic plummeted.

Someone also blacklisted this domain as having dangerous content. When my stats showed zero search engine referrals a site command on Bing and Google showed my domain url’s were stripped from search. Guess that 1.9 million views without paying Zuck a penny butt-hurt someone. After contacting Bing webmaster support it was confirmed my domain was blacklisted. The blacklist was dropped and traffic slowly came back. This screenshot shows how long Google dropped me.

search console data
Dropped from google search graph an old used car dealer butt-hurt Facebook

Then earlier there was the comment ‘Obama the Monkey should be put into a Gitmo cage’ which bought me a 24 hour posting ban. Someone at Facebook had been butt-hurt by an old disabled used car dealer. Not only was Barack Obama the most corrupt president ever, Obama looked like a monkey too . Guess my humor went over like a fart in the Facebook Police Church!

Take the time to view this narrated screen video and see actual proof of Google search console manipulation of the keyword Trump. It’s alarming how Google’s algorithm rates negative Trump keywords as positive in their index. While at the same time positive keywords and key-phrases for Trump Rally for instance are buried so deep it takes a bot to find them.

I’m in no way done supporting my president Donald J. Trump. Just giving up on Facebook and Twitter who also shadowbans it’s members. Here’s an example how Twitter shadowbans conservatives and Trump supporters. This narrated screen video was produced in 2017 showing how Twitter used shadowban technology to hide our tweets.

big tech retaliates