True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht And Greg Phillip’s Arrested

True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht

Why is the media silent about True The Vote Catherine Englebrecht and Greg Phillips’s arrests yesterday? What few small news sites shared truethevote arrests, sharing services were denied access to Facebook and Twitter APIs. From what I’ve found out a Regan-appointed judge wanted one of their confidential source’s names. When Englebrecht and Phillips refused to name their source, they were taken into custody. Neither Tucker…

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Trump Was Right The Election Was Stolen By The FBI & Big Tech

Trump Was Right

Trump was right the election was stolen by the FBI and Big Tech. I must admit that ole Joe Rogan has a great talent for being able to coax his podcast guests to spill their guts. And yesterday reeling in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was Rogans finest moment yet. Zuckerberg spilled his guts on how Facebook censored Miranda Devine’s NYP article about Hunter Biden’s laptop…

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Over Five Million Fake Ballots Printed In China Sent To USA

Five Million Fake Ballots

Trending on Twitter is a tweet saying over five million fake ballots were printed in communist China and sent to the USA for the 2020 presidential election. After taking a screenshot of a Parler post alleged to be shared by Bill O’Riley I posted it to Twitter, and wow! My iPhone was sounding off all night and today with retweets and likes. In less than…

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IRS Training Video False Rated Like 2000 Mules GEO Tracking!

IRS Training Video

The usual suspects are defending Joe’s IRS Training video that’s been making the rounds. Their coming to the rescue of the Biden Admin over his hiring 87,000 IRS agents to crawl up the butts of every American small to medium sized business owner. YES it is an IRS training video of sorts that conveniently popped up recently. The 480p resolution video file was filmed in…

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Recession: Liberal Media Embarassingly Redefining Its Definition


Once again the lamestream media is wetting all over themselves over the recession our American homeland is in. It’s really insane to see some of the things they are doing to cover the Biden Admin’s ass, so to speak. As usual, I watch the day’s Dan Bongino show and he has the sources to get the scoop on what’s really going on in America. Wikipedia…

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Reuters Fact Check Backing Up Democrats Who Stole The 2020 Election

Reuters Fact Check

No matter who alleges the 2020 Election was stolen here comes Reuters Fact Check Team or the Associated Press saying it’s false. When 2000 Mules smartphone GEO Tracking became a major talking point here came the Associated Press claiming GEO Tracking was unreliable, quoted by the free encyclopedia Wikipedia backing up APs false allegations. So when Maricopa county Arizona republican senate announced they were throwing…

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GOP Representative Liz Cheney And Other Traitorous RINOs Have To GO

Dick Cheney

GOP Representative Liz Cheney and other traitorous RINOs have to go! The Democrat’s Jan 6 crap show pissed off lots of Americans last night when it took the place of shows they normally watched on lamestream media. Maybe a few sheep that love being spoon-fed what the DNC wanted them to see and hear probably loved it. Cheney testified that President Trump’s stolen election allegations…

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2000 Mules Theatre Movie Showing, Slim Attendance, And Not Advertised

2000 Mules Theatre

Went to see Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules Movie theatre showing today. I’ve seen it already via the net but my girlfriend hadn’t, and we have not been to a theater this year. So I pulled up Fandango on the net, queried a search, and found it showing nearby. 2000 Mules was showing in a “Georgia Theater Company” independent cinema. So thinking it would be sold…

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Wikipedia Is Lying Covering Up The Least Secure American Election Ever

Wikipedia Is Lying about 2020 Mules

Wikipedia is lying about Dinesh D’Suzas’s popular 2000 Mules Movie saying it is false which is an outright falsehood. The world’s largest leftist-controlled online encyclopedia is doing its part to discredit the movie just like the lamestream media. I’ve watched it several times and it’s telling the truth. That’s why they are working overtime discrediting 2000 Mules. As far as smartphone geo-tracking goes, my iPhone…

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True The Vote Presents Live 2000 Mules Q&A Event 05/23/22 7:00 PM

2000 Mules Q&A

Have questions about the data presented by true the vote in the movie 2000 Mules? Here’s your chance to participate in a live question and answer event on Monday, May 23 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT presented by Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips from Be sure to sign up now at so you don’t miss out on this incredible event to get your…

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2000 Mules ARRESTS Are Starting As Popular Movie Returns To Theaters

2000 Mules Arrest

2000 Mules Arrests are starting as the eye-opening jaw-dropping popular movie 2000 Mules is returning to theaters this Friday 05/20/22. Dinesh D’Souza announced last night he was contacted by theater owners/managers that wanted to know how they could show 2000 Mules in their theaters. D’Souza said he leased the original theaters the movie was shown in and handled ticket sales to recuperate the costs. One…

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True The Vote Interview With Epoch Times As AZ Investigations Underway

true the vote

Roman Balmakov from The Epoch Times did this interview with Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips of the True The Vote organization. The three discuss what went on during the 2020 Presidential Election. The ballot stuffing into privately funded ballot drop-off collection boxes as shown in Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules movie that proved beyond a reasonable doubt Trump won. This is a great video interview and…

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