American National Archives Review Claims Document Wording Is Racist

national archives is racist

The U.S. National Archives recently underwent an internal review which found that racism is a problem that must be dealt with. When searching the national archives for the U.S. Constitution a warning appears that says. Harmful Language See NARA’s Statement on Potentially Harmful Language. This is a load of bull manure. It’s my opinion that America is under attack from within! It’s a different kind…

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America Is At War With Do Nothing Democrats And Their Allies

do nothing democrats America at war

America is at WAR again! Pearl Harbor was Attacked 78 years ago killing thousands, stating World War 2. Today there is another deadly threat to our homeland by Do Nothing Democrats and their Hate Media Partners. Unlike WW2 this new war is being fought on Social Media and Television Radio Etc. Like WW2 we must defend our homeland by voting out the rats! 😉 Last…

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