A Time For Choosing By Ronald Reagan Our Best President Of That Era

A Time For Choosing

A Time For Choosing, By Ronald Reagan. During the 1964 Presidential campaign, Republican party officials who knew Reagan’s powerful message and delivery asked him to film a speech on behalf of their candidate, Barry Goldwater. The speech was aired on 10/27/1964, and it was electrifying. The Republican Party took note and they targeted Reagan as a candidate from that point on. Listen to his speech,…

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The Peoples Convoy 10,000 Strong Is Just Outside Of Washington D.C.

The Peoples Convoy GM/UAW

The Peoples Convoy said to be 10,000 strong is just outside Washington D.C. for tomorrow’s arrival. But you will not know how well this movement of mostly big rig truckers is organized because mainstream media and big tech are running with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Russian war on Ukraine gave MSM the perfect distraction to sideline the convoys. They’re coming tomorrow! 😎 Thousands…

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Gotta Love America ~ The Country Where Money Can Buy Everything!

gotta love America

Gotta Love America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, where the old saying is often true. If you’ve got the benjamins you can buy everything. Mansions, fine Yachts, even your very own private island in the Caribbean. And let’s not forget all the beautiful women and fine champaign, that just fits right in. You can buy politicians and even purchase…

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Trump Allie Rush Limbaugh Says His Cancer Is Terminal

rush limbaugh cancer

Fox News reports , Cancer-stricken talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh provided listeners a somber update on his condition Monday after recent scans showed “some progression of cancer,” which he said is “not dramatic” but still a step in the wrong direction. Rush feels his days are numbered. ? Limbaugh announced in February that he was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and had missed several shows this…

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