Why Is Facebook Defending The Alleged Biden Crime Family

Facebook Defending Biden Family

Why is Facebook defending the alleged Biden crime family? Case in point, last night the Daily Mail published an article about CBS News finally admitting that Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell was real. I shared the daily mail article on my FidoSysop Facebook page and Twitter. Almost immediately I received a warning from Facebook that the shared article goes against their community standards and only…

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Midterm Strategy Vote For Candidates Most Hated By The Media

Midterm Strategy

Here’s my new midterm strategy if you are unsure who to vote for. Seems to me those Republican candidates the mainstream media hates the most are the ones to vote for. Democrats and their lamestream media partners who have absolutely nothing to run on are fearmongering and telling outright lies. But voters who are suffering due to Bidenflation and everything else are not falling for…

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Democrats Intimidating Voters 4 Days From Midterm Elections

Democrats Intimidating voters

It’s 4 days to judgment day and Democrats are Intimidating Voters. Biden and Obama are blatantly lying about Republicans taking Social Security away from retirees. Yesterday the view co-host Sonny Hostin called women Republication voters “Roaches” ABC network living up to its rotten reputation (Always Broadcasting Crap!) Here are a couple of to-the-point segments from last night’s Hannity show! What a mess Joe Biden and…

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NYC Mayor Adams Tent City Opens With Amenities Fit For A King!

Mayor Adams Tent City

NYC Mayor Adams Tent City opens with amenities fit for a king. Wow instead of fighting crime which should be Mayor Adam’s first priority, but nope, Joe’s soon-to-be Democrat Voters take first priority in NYC. The migrants get three meals daily, laundry facilities, an entertainment room equipped with computers and x-boxes, and a phone room where the migrants can call home on the mayor’s dime!…

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US Military IS Weak As Biden Releases More Strategic Reserve Oil

US Military Is Weak

US Military is Weak, as Joe Biden readies to release more of the American strategic petroleum reserve oil stockpile that’s nearly empty. Today the Heritage Foundation Released its 2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength, which Gives the U.S. Military a First-Ever ‘Weak’ Overall Rating. We’re up craps creek without a paddle as inflation is eating folk’s wallets whole. Save America by Voting RED Full Ballot!…

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Biden Depletes US Oil Reserves As OPEC Slashes Production

US Oil Reserves

Biden Depletes US Oil Reserves As OPEC Slashes Production. In a move that looks like it’s sticking it to the Democrats with the midterm elections nearing, the Biden White House on Wednesday lambasted OPEC and its allies for what it called a “shortsighted decision” to cut oil production by two million barrels per day. The move could lead to even higher gas prices in the…

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FBI Seized Declassified Docs Preventing Trump From Using Them

FBI Seized Declassified

It is alleged, that the FBI Seized declassified RussiaGate and other previously declassified documents during their Mar-a-Lago raid. It’s quite obvious that this declassified material could have been used against the Democrats in campaign ads. The President of the United States has the sole privilege and right to Declassify Anything that he chooses and did so publicly before leaving office in 2021! Dan Bongino lays…

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Armed IRS Auditors In Training To Terrorize Your Small Business!

Armed IRS Auditors

Armed IRS Auditors are revealed in this training session video. They are video recorded walking down a hallway and pounding on a door. Holding rubber guns pointed at two taxpayers the suspected tax cheaters are handcuffed and taken into custody. This video looks like a parody someone created, but the bulletproof vests labeled IRC-CI are real trainees in session. But one thing is for sure,…

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Andrew Torba Responds To Rachel Maddow Attacks About GAB

Andrew Torba

Andrew Torba GAB Founder: Last night Rachel Maddow dedicated most of her show to attacking Christian Nationalism, Gab, Doug Mastriano, and my character personally. I’d like to start by saying that I’m praying for Ms. Maddow. She’s obviously a very confused and sad woman, but Jesus loves her nonetheless. I watched a replay of her show and reacted to many of the baseless lies in…

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The Garden State Is Bribing Electric Car Buyers With Cash Back

Electric Car Buyers

Electric car buyers in the garden state (NJ) are being bribed with cash incentives. The rust-bucket-states 3rd year running Charge Up New Jersey promotion is In addition to the announcement about the electric vehicle incentive program’s $4000 rebate. Gov. Murphy also unveiled the state’s new residential electric vehicle charger program. So, I’m assuming the electric car buyers do not relieve a charger with their costly…

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China Buying Large Parcels Of US Farmland Near Military Bases

US Farmland

China is buying large parcels of US Farmland. Some parcels of land they have purchased are near US Military bases, one large track is adjacent to America’s Nuclear Arsenal. With the Biden Admin being soft on China releasing sanctions I’m wondering what’s up? Then there are our strategic energy reserves which are being sold off, some being bought by China. The lamestream media is mostly…

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US Attorney Drops Stephen Colbert’s Capital Trespassing Charges

US Attorney Drops

The US Attorney drops trespassing charges against Stephen Colbert’s staff/camera crew. Capitol Police revealed on Monday that the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia decided to clear the nine employees, who were busted for unlawful entry following the botched June 16 Senate Republican interview/intimidation scheme. Colbert’s motley crew were told to leave but snuck back in after hours where they were arrested. Talk…

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